Thursday, July 12, 2012

A SWEET Tour--Hershey's Chocolate World

Yesterday we had a tantalizing glimpse into the world of the Hershey Chocolate Company but taking the ten minute free tour of the "factory".  You walk through a short portion with overhead video explaining the origin of chocolate and how it is still harvested the same way today as it was many many years ago. While walking along a path and watching the videos overhead, you are making your way to a little amusement park car ride that takes you through the "factory" of chocolate production making equipment and proceedures. Today we went back to explore the rest of Hershey Chocolate World in detail. It's a VERY popular tourist destination, and we recommend visiting it on a weekday. It's very visually and auditorally stimulating, a bit much for some...Like these two little brothers who just had to time out for a moment....

There are several different package deals for exploring Hershey Village, and Hershey Chocolate World, all apart of the same huge complex. It's a little confusing and complicated picking tour packages and times for the different activities...But we decided to be brave and head back for a second day of temptation.

There's the "Happiness Experience" package-the cheapest.  $19.95 for adults, $17.95 for kids, $17.96 for seniors. For the Happiness Experience, you get to create your own candy bar and see the 3D show. The "Chocolate Expert" package is a chocolate tasting adventure plus a trolley tour package. The "Chocolate Celebration" is create your own candy bar, see the really big 3D show and the Trolley tour. The fourth package is the "Chocolate Enthusiast" which is a combination of four previously mentioned activities and the most expensive at $39.95 for adults, $29.95 for children, and $35.96 for seniors. Sparky doesn't need a tour to be a chocolate expert, that's for sure! But she gamely entered Hershey's Chocolate World today with Eldo and two sugar starved (HA!) grandchildren ready to buy, buy, buy! (Sparky is ready to buy, buy, buy, too! clarifies Eldo.)

First, we watched the 3D show...kind of a lot of silliness and not much information about the Hershey company. Lots of great special effects with the 3D glasses for the kids--misting of the audience, vibrations under the seat, things flying right at you. Honestly, if Sparky were to return, she would skip the 3D tour and choose another activity. But the kids enjoyed it.

Next, we donned our hairnets (Trevor said Papa didn't need one 'cuz he didn't have any hair!) and aprons and made our own candy bars from start to finish using code pads. It's entirely done by pushing buttons. We programmed our own candy bar from start to finish! First, we choose what kind of chocolate, white, dark, or milk chocolate. Next, we chose our ingredients--did you want raspberry bits, semi-sweet chocolate bits, butterscotch toffee bits and/ or nuts? The bar moves along a conveyor belt and is programmed with your name as it passes through different stations of processing.
Trevor watching his chocolate chips come in

The whole process of designing your own candy bar is child's play!

Next, design your wrapper....LOTS and LOTS of choices here as far as colors, logos, and special effects. Papa had to have Cate help him with the computer programming.

Then, we watched the candy bar tray come through the line and get the overall coating that covers up the little candy or flavored bits. That was cool!

Finally, the bar is wrapped and sealed and placed in a special Hershey stamped tin and your personalized wrapper design covering the whole thing. After the candy bar making event, we proceeded to the huge Hershey candy/toy/clothing store to stock up. Actually, we didn't do too badly, the kids had 20.00 each to spend and they only spent about seven-eight dollars a piece, wanting to save their money for video games at the park and more souvenirs later this week. We were very proud of them for not blowing all their money on Hershey stuff. It would have been easy to do with these items tempting....

Here is Eldy with his very own personalized chocolate --a one-of-a-kind bar!

It was a really fun experience for Papa and Grandma Sparky and for the grandkids. We highly recommend that part of Hershey World Tour!


  1. After all that work of making your own candy bar, are you going to eat it or save it for a souvenir? I know what I would do - YUM!!

  2. Wow, fun times. Hershey's Park is on my travel bucket list!

  3. What fun. I want to be your grandchild. You do such cool things.
    How big is that candy bar you made? It looks huge in Eldo's hands.
    Thanks for the tour. You did a great job.

  4. Things have really changed in the thirty something years since I've been there. :)

  5. Now, that's my kind of tour. That's a pretty good sized candy bar Eldon made for himself - good job!

  6. That looks like a lot of fun! I bet it is really crowded on the weekends.

  7. Hershey always seemed like one of those 6 Flags over Georgia things so I've never been there but you are making me rethink that idea especially if coconut is one of the ingredients you can put in your candy bar. Great pictures particularly of Eldo in his hat and with his candy bar which looks HUGE. How did everyone like their creations?? You did eat them didn't you? I'd just save the wrapper. :-)) I'll second the great grandparents comment. Those kids have had a wonderful time. They'll be wanting to move in permanently.

  8. Hershey World is VERY crowded on weekends...we recommend going during the week. Also, Hershey's Chocolate World is SEPARATE from the Hershey Amusement Park but at the same complex. The amusement park didn't look really great, we've seen better, but it's still fun for kids and the double wooden roller coaster is cool.

  9. That looked like a fabulous day. . .now I've added the Hershey's Tour to my wish list. . .fun!