Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Next to the Last Day for the Grandkids!

East Stroudsburg, PA  High: 85   Low: 63

(Do I detect a little excitement in Sparky's "voice"?) Why, yes, you do...While it's been wonderful having them, it's been a little challenging having two extra little people on board in a "box on wheels", keeping them busy, entertained, and well fed! It will be kinda nice to get back to "normal"...(That's because Sparky has cooked more in the last two weeks than she has all year!) Embarrassingly true, I have to admit!
We headed back to the FREE water park yesterday at Timothy Lake North, it's free to people staying at Timothy Lake South Campground (in the Pocono Mountains in PA), Cate didn't want to go, she was the typcial almost 13 year old wanting to stay home, so Papa, Trevor, and Sparky went...

Sparky LOVES going down the water slide! (She's just like another kid when it comes to stuff like that, explains E.) She and Papa rode around the "lazy river" in tubes for awhile....It's very relaxing! The nice thing about the water park, is it's indoors!
Trevor likes the water slide, too...
Trevor wanted me to take his picture with the alligator... He's quite the feisty boy!
And on the rings with the lily pads...He got all the way across without falling...No small feat!
Here's Trevor's favorite kind of shower....

Papa (a.k.a. Eldo) really enjoyed himself, too! Sparky thinks he looks extra cute here...  XOXO
The last couple of nights we have been deer watching in the park. Some of the residents in the park have been feeding corn to the deer, guaranteeing sightings about every night. We see them early in the morning and at dusk. Trevor is very excited now, about going out every evening to find them. Look how close he got! It's not good for campgrounds to allow feeding the wildlife, but it sure makes for a thrilling experience for young children....That's all Trevor talks about now, is looking for deer late in the day! :-)
Tomorrow is the last day with the grandkids so we have something special planned..Stay tuned!


  1. What a cute post. What great grandparents you are...so much energy. I hear ya about keeping up. But they are SO worth it.

  2. I am sure those grandkids will be talking about this time with you two for a very long time. I am sure it is the highlight of their summer.

  3. It sounds like you managed to get the kids outside and enjoying things other than video games. Maybe you have changed their lives!

    I can't imagine two extra people for so long.....yikes!!

    Where's your weather widget? That's the only way I can tell where you really are!

  4. what great grandparents you are..two extra people in your box on wheels?..I am sure it was crowded but so worth it to spend some quality time with the 'boys'!

  5. I hear ya girl. . .I'm worn out just readin' about all y'alls antics. . .I know the grands had a great time though!