Friday, July 13, 2012

A Shocking Experience and Movin' On.....

Hershey, PA  High: 89  Low: 72

We are still in Pennsylvania at the Hershey Thousand Trails Park.

This area is the heart of Amish country...There are so many beautiful farms here, it's unreal...These were all taken just a few miles outside our Hershey TT park, in the Lebanon, PA area. Many are historically preserved farms.

Sparky wanted to do an Amish Tour with the grandkids, but we only have a few days left and a few dollars out of this month's budget, so we're going to just wind down for our last few days with the grandkids. Before leaving this morning for another Thousand Trails Park, Sparky wanted to say a few things about the Thousand Trails Hershey Preserve Park...This park is located in Lebanon, just outside of Hershey, and the location is outstanding as far as being surrounded by beautiful, lush green farmfields, farmer's markets, fresh cheese, Amish foods and markets. Here are some more beautiful farms. I can't believe I caught this doe walking down the lane of this farm. Just too picture perfect!
A doe walking down the lane
The Hershey Preserve is one of the nicer Thousand Trails facilities...the pool is HUGE--they have adult only swim every day from 3:00-4:00 PM, which is nice....
Just like just about all Thousand Trails parks, it is showing its age, but makes up for it with lots of activities, roomy sites, a nice camp store, and friendly staff. There's a nice activity room for kids and adults wanting a variety of rainy day activities to do, too.

The one thing we DIDN'T like were all the geese---EVERYWHERE!
They are between the sites, on the sites and all over the campground...there has to be a resident flock of at least 60-70. You can't walk anywhere on the grass without stepping in goose poop. It's all over the sidewalks, the grassy areas where kids might want to play,  UGH! It's a really big negative, in Sparky's humble opinion.

On our last night here, Sparky decided to head out for a little country drive to capture some beautiful farm photos...One of the farms looked beautiful with a white fence and silos. Sparky got out of the car to get a better look with her camera. Hm-m-m-m, still too far away. Better get a little closer.  Line up the horizon, maybe if I get a little closer...maybe steady myself with my arms on the fence while I shoot the shot...lean on the fence a little, steady now.....Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-T-T-T-T-T! The fence was ELECTRIC!!!!!!! Sparky got a heckuva jolt! At least it felt like it! Enough to make her forget about her sinus headache for the moment! Probably would have made a pretty funny photo to see Sparky get zapped and her reaction. She scurried back into the car and headed for home.
another Lebanon, PA farm with interesting masonry
On the way in to the Thousand Trails park, right at the entrance, Sparky saw a fawn prancing across the lawn from out of the woods. The fawn was really enjoying himself, kicking up his heels a bit. Sparky wondered where the mother was. Almost immediately, the doe came out into the clearing and herded the fawn back into the woods, as if to say, "Get your little butt back in here before you get hurt!"  It happened too quickly to get a photo. Sparky decided to drive around that section of the park where there were just a few picnic tables and no sites to see if she could spot the fawn again. Darned, if the fawn didn't come BACK out onto the lawn, but as soon as he saw the car, he pranced back into the woods again. It was great to see them both. The fawn still had his spots, so he was a young one. Guess there are a LOT of deer in the area, and well fed, too, with all the cornfields around! We'll see you at our next park, which is going to be another Thousand Trails park in PA, north of Allentown, PA for the next three days.....Bye for now......

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  1. aiii yaiii yaiii. . .hope you are okay after your shocking experience. . .would have made a great video for AFV though. . .LOL!

    That is a beautiful area of the country. . .and one which we absolutely must visit. . .really great pics in today's post!