Saturday, July 28, 2012

Just Call Me "Gabby"!

Trenton, Maine   Acadia National Park   High: 77  Low: 61

Time to get off our duffs and onto the bikes, we've been here almost a week and haven't hit the carriage roads for a bike ride yet! Sparky wanted to go back and see this scene from 2010...It's on the Eagle Lake Carriage Road ride...Two years ago, we did the carriage road bike ride of 6+ miles late in the day....
Today, we did it early in the morning about 8:30 AM...There were LOTS of people already out and about and on the trails, but we managed to snag a parking spot for our car. It's Sunday, and so there are more people than normal getting out on the trails. There seemed to be LOTS of people in scooters and wheelchairs, both on the trails and at a boat launch, getting ready to go kayaking on this beautiful day today. That's so great, that these trails are handicap accessible for anybody wanting to be out in this beautiful national park. The trails are very wide and well built and well maintained.

When I went back to find the photo I wanted to remember, I was shocked to see how little I used to write. I've gotten really gabby with my posts! I don't know if that's a good thing or not...guess I'm putting in more details than I used to, with the idea that somebody might want to know more about a particular bike ride or tour, other than "it was a great tour!". Or that we might want to have more details in order to remember as we get older, haha....

Awesome bridges on carriage roads in Acadia
I notice our complaints were the same..."we need to get in shape to be doing this!" Guess we sort of swing back and forth between doing a LOT of physical stuff, so when we come to these elevated hilly rides they will be easier to do, or we vegetate depending on where we are staying and don't do enough to stay physically active. We struggled a bit today with the elevation coming right at the initial start of the ride. We had to get off the bikes and walk a bit, which is fine..MOVING the body is a good thing whether you are walking or riding!

On our ride today, we spotted this boardwalk trail through the woods...It was beautiful!

Sparky talked to a ranger later after we were done, and he said the Eagle Lake carriage road is one of the more level ones (!). Really? You could have fooled us!  I looked back at our blog for July, 2010, and we said back then, what one person's idea of "easy" is, is VERY subjective. Whew! At least we did it! And we're going to do some more, right, Eldo?  RIGHT, ELDO? He says, "Right!" But right now, he's recuperating on the couch...  :-)

Sparky rode her bike a lot in the month we were in Texas, so she's a little ahead in the fitness department at the moment.  But hey, we both think it feels great to be out in the fresh air and have so many choices of getting fit and in better shape here in Maine. Sometimes that's hard to do when you are out on the road full time. We've stayed in lots of campgrounds where the roads aren't safe to bike on, where there aren't any hiking trails, and we've missed that! So here's to better days ahead and getting in shape! YEAH! (Eldo heaves a big sigh......)


  1. My wrist has sidelined me from our usual bike rides....yours in this post looked really fun! Hope to see you guys on down the road!

  2. The bike trail can be compared to what some people call a campground "resort."

  3. You're making me want to head up there NOW! Probably won't be up in that area for at least a year or so, but it's on our list.

  4. Thanks for taking us along on a great bike ride - and not too 'Gabby' at all, just right.

  5. I sure hope I have a bike by the time we make it up there. . .I want to do that!

    Isn't that a beautiful, glorious part of the world?

    Enjoy. . .

  6. What a beautful photo of the boardwalk trail. We learned in Colorado to be very wary of anything rated as "easy" in Colorado. We'd usually laugh and huff and puff our way along. Quickly learned to not even consider a "moderate" rating. Happy Trails!