Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Acadia National Park Day I

Trenton, Maine  Narrows Too RV Park   High: 69  Low: 62

It's a foggy day, we love foggy days on the ocean! We went driving in the car today on the Park Loop Road in Acadia National Park. Every once in awhile, we got out to check out the view. WOW!
No real hiking today...We just got to our RV park yesterday, so we just wanted to drive through Acadia, get some information at the visitor's center, and plan our stay here....

The geological formations in the cliffs are amazing....the fissures, the regular, almost geometrical incisions crisscrossing each other in the rocks....This type of formation is called Ellsworth Schist. It's the oldest rock exposed on Mount Desert Island.
We clambered all over the rocks....And sat and admired the view....
And watched the gulls fly and land.....

And admired the pretty wildflowers growing in the cliffs.....

And checked out the wonderful sculptures on the College of the Atlantic campus on the way back home......Aren't these cool? Sparky just happened to look out the window and see the first one. A student stopped to tell her there were two more up the road into the college campus, so here they are, they look like they are made out of rusted rebar and other rods?....
And that was our day! Tomorrow is Sparky's very special 62nd birthday....Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music!


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday Sparky. Hope your day is super duper fabulous. Love those sculptures.

  2. Wow, that place is beautiful !!!!! What a wonderful spot for a birthday celebration !!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SPARKY !!!!! Hope the coming year is filled with health, happiness, and miles of adventure !!!! Keep'on having fun!!

  3. Sure wish I could dance with you on your birthday! Thanks for the pics of Acadia...I love those views and your pics took me right back there again!

  4. Well, it is already tomorrow so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You are spending it in one of our most favorite places!! Have a great day:o))

  5. We have never been to Mount Desert Island. The rock formations are wonderful.
    The sculptures are really unique. I wonder how they tie into the College.
    A very happy birthday to you Sparky! Hope you dance to the music all day long!

  6. Fun in Acadia and party tomorrow. Happy Birthday !

  7. Didn't you just have a birthday (just kidding)

    What a beautiful area and I love those chilly temperatures!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday! I think the most intelligent people are born in July. :)

  9. Happy Birthday , Judy is right.

    Looking forward to your posts Acadia is high on our list of places to visit.

  10. George says happy birthday to Sparky. He turned 62 a couple weeks ago too :) We can't wait until we can go to Acadia.