Saturday, July 14, 2012

Can't Have it All!

East Stroudsburg, PA  High: 86  Low: 59  Woo-hoo! Sure beats mid-nineties!

Wish I could figure out what's wrong with Blogger, why it keeps giving me error messages when I try to save my blog posts. A pink bar shows up and it says something about "an error occurred while trying to save your post, try again", or "ignore warning."  I click on ignore warning and just keep trying and re-trying to post and hope it goes. So if something is out of order, or a little funky with the appearance of the blog, I apologize! Gr-r-r-r!  Cleaned out my "cache" and other stuff, and it's still happening, both with the automatic saving feature, and when I click "save" myself.
site at Timothy Lake South
We traveled to a wonderful Thousand Trails park at the very eastern border of Pennsylvania. It's called Timothy Lake and there are two sections--Timothy Lake North and Timothy Lake South. It's a winding narrow road to get to them and they are back in the boonies, back in the countryside, surrounded by the Poconos. The south park is much better suited for big rigs. The sites are very spacious and roomy, with good length to them. It's a state park feel to it, with the accompanying difficulties of having bad internet on our Verizon mi-fi card--one bar and SLO-O-O-W, hard to load anything! AT & T cell phones are three bars and occasional difficulties with reception on incoming calls. You can't have it all, unless you've got a Wilson antenna and amplifier, which we don't. BUT--we've got wildlife here. Sparky has seen lots of deer inside the campground, and found out that some of the campers are tempting the deer with soda crackers. Tch! tch! tch! That's illegal in some states, to feed wildlife. But the deer are here. This doe looks like a statue, she's so still, but she was waiting to see what I would do.

They are on the roads coming into the park and leaving the park. They are in the campground a LOT.
They are a LITTLE skittish, but not as much as more wild deer would be. They keep a watchful eye on you but don't seem too concerned. The fawn below was just nursing on the fly as mom would walk and stop.

It's peaceful....the temperatures are a cooler 86 degrees....A couple of months ago, I NEVER would have said 86 was cooler...Nope! That's sort of like saying 62 is the new 50 when you are talking your age, which is what I'm going to be in about a week. Geez, old enough to collect social security...I'm going to be an official old geezer next week! (Uh, honey, I hate to say this...but.....) SHHHHHHH! Eldo!

Cate on the rings and lily pads
What's really wonderful about Timothy Lake South is, there's a nice pool, a nice little clubhouse, AND you get access to Timothy Lake NORTH which has a wonderful INDOOR water park for the kids, big and little. Yesterday, Papa and Jeannie went with the grandkids to the water park, and we had a ball! That was the first time for Sparky to experience a water park, even though it was small scale in comparison to other water parks. It is a FREE amenity to go to the water park at Timothy Lake North if you are staying at the Timothy Lake South Campground.

It's a very nice little waterpark.

Lily pads with climbing ropes, a pirate ship, fountains everywhere, a water river that moves pretty fast, it's all fun! Both Papa and Jeannie got in and went around the "river" many times. Here's Eldo getting wetter than he wanted to!

We are really enjoying Timothy Lake North and South. Instead of three days, we think we will stay a week...the grandkids are getting picked up this weekend, so only three more days until help arrives. :-) We'll see you later, tomorrow we are going to the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area to check it out.....Bye for now.....


  1. I am having the same problem with blogger. So far, everything posts, but don't know why the pink bar appears!?!?!

  2. Blogger is doing the same thing to me. I just ignore it. Looks like a nice spot- 86 sounds great to me.

  3. The doe does look like a statue. I have never seen so many deer in a campground.
    What a great idea for the kids and Eldo indoor water park. Looks like they all had a great time.

  4. Blogger doing the same to me on my Mac , so I think it has to be a Blogger issue not you computer.
    looks like you are having too much fun there, enjoy.

  5. Brilliant choice an indoor water park. Since I use Live writer, I don't have any problems with blogger any more thank goodness. It was a real PIA that's for sure. Love the "help is coming". You two definitely deserve some serious R&R

  6. I am also receiving the same error message on Blogger, but it doesn't seem to be affecting anything. I have also learned that I need to update the mi-fi by taking out the battery and data card, waiting a minute, then reinstall them and turn it back on. Seems to help when you travel around a lot. The park looks amazing!

  7. Ahhh floating in an indoor water park on this hot days looks like HEAVEN!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard