Thursday, July 5, 2012

Another Park in Sevierville, TN

Today we moved from the uber expensive The Dell to another park in Sevierville. It's called Cove Creek RV Resort and it's a little further away out from the town of Sevierville, in the Wears Valley area. It's still Sevierville, but a LITTLE less expensive--45.00 a night as opposed to 55.00 at the Dell. It's prime season, sigh! But at least we are getting the price down. There are LOTS of parks in the Sevierville area, but many of them are tight, tight, tight and rigs are jammed together. This park, the Cove Creek Resort looked like a little better for kids. We've driven through quite a few of the parks here, and lots of them are just out of the question for lots of reasons. We are here for two nights....It's another location that makes it more easy to get into Great Smoky Mountains National Park on the north side. We don't have to fight the Sevierville traffic clog to get to the park.

next door neighbor has a fire pit
Pull thru sites are concrete pads, they do have some gravel back in sites as well, a total currently of 113 sites. Full hookups, city water, great selection of cable TV, nice laundry facilities, and fast and free wi-fi. Terrific views of Cove Mountain just outside our back door. There's a cute little covered bridge over the creek that runs along the property. The pool is small but very nice. There are shower room facilities and a game room with two treadmills. Some of the sites have a nice built in firepit, our site doesn't. It's been too hot for a fire, anyway!

Trevor and Grandma Sparky played pingpong for awhile, until Grandma got tired of picking up stray pingpong balls constantly. Too much bending over! Game over, sorry, Trevor. So he promptly enlisted Papa to play for awhile. Part of plan A to get Eldy in shape with some bending and stretching, heh heh heh. Unfortunately, Sparky saw Papa KICK the stray balls back to Trevor. Rats! On to plan B....(Which is?....wonders E.) Top secret for now...Trainer Sparky is still working out the details. The grandkids have got Papa playing catch, so that's good...Sparky just might keep playing the "grandkids" exercise card, she might.
Tomorrow, we are going to drive the Cades Cove Loop Road, an 11 mile loop at Great Smoky Mountain National Park. We're supposed to be able to see some wildlife, they say......We'll see what Mother Nature has to offer!


  1. I'm sure you'll find a way to get Eldy some exercise! We never failed to see wildlife on the Cades Cove tour, of course it was in the cooler weather in the fall. Just look for cars slowing down and you'll know there is an animal.

  2. Built in fire pit. Never hear of that!
    Sounds like a great place for Trevor to have some two also!

  3. The kids have one up on you they've already posted about the loop!! Better get cracking, you're behind. :-))))

  4. Hope you did okay with the storms last night.

  5. Looks like a great park. I read about some bad storms in that area last night. Sure hope you guys are all o.k.

  6. heck for those prices you mights as well went to Key West!

  7. Sounds like you guys are having a blast with those grandkids... and they will wear you out---- or wear you thin?

    Karen and Steve
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