Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Three Castaways and a Sunday Siesta

But not for Sparky, at least not right away....Off to the lake this morning, right out our back door to the boat dock, to take the Sea Eagle 385 Fasttrack out on the lake...There was LOTS of boat traffic this Sunday, lots of jet skis, lots of motorboats, and the Sea Eagle handled it all without so much as a roll. The waves just roll right under the boat, the boat seems to absorb some of the rocking and rolling motion you'd normally get with a hard shell kayak. It's a dream to paddle! So glad I got it!
campground view from the water
Not much to see out there today, other than the boats. Sparky is spoiled. She is used to seeing dolphins, manatees, (sometimes), all kinds of shore birds...Well, OK, she saw some shorebirds today. They look a little like royal terns, but I think they are Least Terns. What are they doing out here? These three amigos persistently sat and bobbed for a good 15 minutes. Not until Sparky floated right on top of them, did they fly away. Guess they were just castaways on their own little piece of, log....They circled around a bit, then flew right back to the log after she left.
The water level is really down at the lake....lots of erosion with that Georgia clay showing everywhere on the banks....
Sparky saw an osprey nest, she thinks.....
A nice, uneventful paddle...guess that's the good kind! Back home to rest the rest of the day...take a little bike ride, work on some crafts, take a little siesta....We leave tomorrow for Mississippi and the Gulf Shores National Seashore for a few days......See you there!


  1. At least you got your exercise in for the day.

    Safe travels.

  2. And that's a good hot as it is, it's hard to get that exercise in!

  3. We're going to try our first kayak outing this weekend; as hot as it is going to be here, being on the water may offer some relief.

  4. A campground site with a kayak launch is a #1 site in my mind. SO glad you like the Sea Eagle so well. Next time point the camera at you in the boat and let us see how you both look.