Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another Corps Park on West Point Lake GA

We decided to move yesterday from R. Schaefer Heard Campground to Whitetail Ridge Campground, about eighteen miles north up the road.  Fifty-five campsites with water and electric. Bye, bye mallards, looking for handouts! (Sparky violated the cardinal sin of NOT feeding the wildlife! AHEM!) But I had some stale hot dog buns I was going to throw out, so I threw them outside the rig for the birds, don'tcha know! Had no idea those mallards were in the area..... :-)

On the way out, Sparky saw ANOTHER big snake cross the road in front of the rig and car. It's a good thing we are moving! At Whitetail Ridge, there is a bigger town close by than where we were before and it's quicker to get to if we need anything. The lake seems more interesting at this end with more channels and inlets, and Sparky wants to get her kayak in the water this weekend. After hearing Judy's story (Travels with Judy and Emma) about mice eating through her kayak, Sparky is glad she has been storing her Sea Eagle in the car! (Because the bays are full of yarn and craft supplies, don'tcha know!? says an exasperated E.) Well, not completely..there's still room for other stuff...really! And the Verizon internet signal is MUCH stronger, and we actually have two bars and "E" on our AT & T cell phones--there was none at R. Schaefer Heard-- in case there's an impending baby birth call from Sparky's daughter, Kerry. Kerry is anxiously awaiting Mama Sparky's arrival and the baby's. Hopefully, Mama Sparky gets there first.

Speaking of Judy,  Judy is at the very next park at West Point Lake, Holiday Campground, less than a mile from us. Yay! We're grilling out with her this evening. We drove through Holiday and Whitetail Ridge campgrounds yesterday, comparing the parks. They are all wonderful...huge sites, laundry facilities, great for bike riding, water and boat ramps close, just a perfect place to sit for awhile....There are six corps parks around this lake...If you aren't happy with one as far as internet or cell service, there are plenty of others to choose  from. Senior pass gets you in for 12.00 a night.

Our site is HUGE...you could park THREE motorhomes on it, SERIOUSLY!! Fifty-six feet of driveway in FRONT of the rig. Site #52, walk in, we think it's the biggest one in the park.
Here's the view from the back of the site.
Great boat dock launching ramp.....
The park has two different habitats...our site is in a heavily wooded area, like camping in a state forest, but trees are NOT a problem at all, everything is cleared out for big rigs to get in and out easily, and then there are the lake sites, totally different atmosphere...It's a beautiful, beautiful setting..From what we have seen of several of the Corps of Engineer parks here, they are all wonderful and suitable for big rigs.
This evening we headed over to see Judy and Emma. It was great meeting them both. Emma is off to the side on a tether, she was so excited to see company, she was overjoyed!

Judy has a wonderful sense of humor and we just really enjoyed chatting about all things RV. Sparky pumped Judy for information on volunteering, and we compared notes and stories about our experiences on the road. Judy, being a solo, has a lot more stories to tell of "helpful" people when pulling into a campground and setting up, and she had lots more stories about being a camp host, too. She fixed a terrific potato salad...homemade, none of this store bought stuff. We were honored that she went to all the trouble to fix a delicious homemade potato salad, with a story to go behind it. Thanks, Judy...we feel honored to have caught up with you and spent some time with you.....

One more day at Whitetail Ridge Campground here at West Point Lake and we leave for parts west.....Kerry is counting the days till we get there, and Mama Sparky is, too.....Bye for now....


  1. Your site looks so beautiful. I' really anxious to go somewhere like that. It's been too long! Glad you got to meet Judy. I guess "too overjoyed" is a nice way of saying Emma was being a bad dog?

    1. Naw, she was just excited to have company. She settled down right away. :-)

  2. How wonderful to meet up with a fellow RV blogger! Glad you had a nice time, and we hope to meet with her and you too in the future.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. Here's hoping we get to volunteer together some time! Perhaps Emma will have matured by then...fat chance! :)

  4. Looks like you've got a beautiful spot to camp there. It was sure generous and kind of you to give Judy an inflatable kayak.

  5. Great spot, and I am sure it was lots of fun with Judy:)

  6. I missed it if you mentioned it. . .but that was a really great thing you did to donate your extra Sea Eagle Kayak to Judy after hers was eaten by the mice. . .she talked about it on her blog. . .may many blessings come your way!