Monday, May 14, 2012

Lake Greenwood/Cane Creek RV Resort SC

flowers by Park Seed Company
We've arrived for a FREE six night stay at Lake Greenwood/Cane Creek RV Resort, (used interchangeably) located in tiny Cross Hill, SC. on Lake Greenwood. Lake Greenwood has 212 miles of shoreline. We got this freebie stay from attending the Super Tampa RV show. It's a little bit off the beaten path...As a matter of fact, it's SO off the beaten path, that this is another case of being far from any decent size grocery store or shopping needs...But--in about 22 miles, you can get to Greenwood, SC, which has everything you need-- all your local chains and a few "big box" stores to a small mall. The "Pig" is big here, that's Piggly Wiggly, the local southern grocery store chain....
site next to us
The road back into the park is a little on the narrow side, and some locals drive like maniacs, not expecting to see a 40 foot big rig coming at them on the curve...Just sayin'......WATCH OUT FOR THE LOCALS!
view from the dock looking up at the park

Here we are--right at the lake
This is a beautiful park, beautiful landscaped by the one and only Park Seed Company. It shows, the landscaping is gorgeous!  The park is hoping to sell lots which are terraced sites (translate HILLY, although very level) on terrific views of Lake Greenwood, a pretty big lake in South Carolina-- 22 mile shoreline, manmade, 11,400 acre lake. Lots range in price from $40,000 to $90,000.

You can rent sites, however, for 49.00 or 59.00 a night. Full hookups, cement pads, no cable, weak AT & T, flip-flopping between 4G and a couple of bars, but performing better than our last campground in Yemassee, SC.  Internet signal is strong, full bars on our Verizon mi-fi...There is free wi-fi at the park, but it's been VERY SLO-O-O-W. Just about all the sites situate themselves so that you have a view of the lake, which is really nice, but not for afternoon sun on the outside TV or getting any shade on that same side of the coach from about 11:00 A.M. onwards. There are more shady sites available towards the rear of the park. Getting TO the sites involves going up and down steep hills with very uneven pavement because the streets need a final topping of asphalt....Here's the view outside our front door....

Very nice clubhouse, on the small side, beautifully decorated, but this is a small park, 80 some sites....The management is very friendly, not pushy at all about sales. They take you out on a pontoon boat ride during your stay to give you a tour of the lake and even a tour of a hidden back lake that only the locals know about. There is a boat dock/ramp, so Sparky can take her kayak out on the lake this week! Wine and hors d'oeuvres party on Fridays...Handouts of things to do in the area, nice touch. The pool is a nice size and overlooks the lake...Everything is new and appears well built, although the developer is waiting for more site  sales to complete street paving. There are BIG drop offs at the curbs...The park has been open three years.
Clubhouse interior....with TWO fireplaces and an outdoor kitchen....Laundry-two washers, two dryers, 2.00 to wash, and 2.00 to dry.
The developer had a lot of good ideas...the RV terraced sites sitting on a big lake is a great one, the facilities at the park are top-notch, but it might be a little isolated from some important things--as people get older, they don't want to have to drive a narrow two county lane road miles and miles to get to the nearest hospital, shopping or cultural things. BUT---it's a wonderful, country lake setting to get away from the hustle and bustle, to spend time with family at the lake for a week or two, a month or longer...There are wonderful little inlets and coves around the lake to explore in a kayak or pontoon boat. Although the park itself is in a little more secluded setting, it's really not as far as we thought to major shopping, grocery and retail big box stores. You can get to Greenwood in about 30 minutes. You can get there quicker by boat! The homes are big and beautiful and new on the lake, along with established older, smaller cottages...

The park is continuing to give away FREE six night stays, so you can come experience the South Carolina Lake Greenwood area. It really does take more than just a night or two to see what the area has to offer. We'd definitely come back to this park......
view of the lake at sunset


  1. I'm making note of the 6-nites free offer for first timers; assuming they're still offering it, we can do this next year before or after Camp Freightliner.

  2. What a beautiful park. Even with nothing close by, it would be a nice place to chill our for a few days.

  3. Beautiful! If we were in that area, we would be there.

  4. Looks like a wonderful place and a continuing leg of your retirement adventures. Do you post your reviews on

  5. Great ad for Cane Creek. No way I could spend even one night there though. They are WAY out of my budget and I doubt they will have the great 6 nights free by the time I could get there. What's in it for them to give so many nights away if they don't give you the hard sell pitch??