Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Eldy's Arsenal of Cleaning Supplies

Time out on the journey to our next location..One last job to do before we leave.....Remember those scratches and scuffs we got on the highway I-95 from the semi throwing up a tire tread while driving to South Carolina two weeks ago?
Eldy was thinking he wouldn't be able to buff them out, but he always underestimates his skills. After all, he was a buffer of musical instruments by trade for 42 years! Today, he went to work on them.....First, get out all the supplies. Eldy has enough cleaning supplies like Sparky has enough craft supplies. (WHOA! I wouldn't say that at all! fusses E. But you can never have too many microfiber cloths and specific cleaning agents, right, guys?) Uh, you are probably right, honey...But there's one whole bay devoted to cleaning cloths and goop and polishers, that's for sure. (And HOW MANY cupboards are devoted to craft supplies? asks E.)   Moving right along.....
Here are Eldy's favorite cleaning supplies mostly purchased from the RV shows.....The orange bottle on the right gets black streaks off the sides of the motorhome really really well. We haven't tried it on the awnings. You have to be careful what you use on those depending on the fabric content. Eldy absolutely LOVES the Wash Wax All, and the Polish All, that came in the Wash Wax kit that he purchased at the Tampa RV show. The Polish All is what is buffing out the scratches. Eldy is using a little Turtle Wax blue buffer that he bought for 19.00 bucks. It's not the best buffer, but it's doing the job. When he applies pressure to the buffer, the wheel almost comes to a stop. But he's making it work!
And the hard work starts.......
Lots of elbow grease and an aching back later.....The spots are where he's applied his polishing stuff.
Scratches are disappearing....Yay!
WOWEE! Lookin' GOOD! You can only see me taking a photo, it's so shiny and clear, like a mirror!
Same location for the third shot in the collage up top.....The scratches and scuffs are gone....
And the final view.....WHEW! says E.

Great job, honey...and no, he's not for hire. Are you sure, Eldy?  That would be a good way to make some money on the road, maybe! But Eldy's back is not up to it and we now need a taller ladder!


  1. Great job. I know you're glad to have those ugly scratches gone.

  2. Good job on the buffing; Mui also has a whole lot of supplies to take care of the exterior of the Phaeton. Will share this post with him in case he wants to try any of the ones Eldy uses.

  3. Thanks for following our blog.

    I need to get started on shining our 5th wheel its looking bad.

  4. Great blog so I know what supplies to get. Poor Ruby has taken more of a beating than Winnona since we started full timing. She needs a spa treatment for sure.

  5. I was waiting to see that beautiful coach once again. You and I are alot alike. Won't stop till its right. Great Job!!!! We're off to Alaska tomorrow and miss you guys.

  6. Wow, good job! The coach looks just like new. It's so nice to have a man around the house. :)

  7. Here are Eldy's favorite cleaning supplies mostly purchased from the RV shows.....The orange bottle on the right gets black
    paper napkins