Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hunting Island State Park SC

Wait till you see this park! It's fantastic! It's gorgeous! It's lush with verdant foliage everywhere! (Good grief, Sparky, speak English!) Well, I was just trying to get away from being redundant with the word beautiful. :-) What I was trying to say was, this is one of the most beautiful state parks we have seen. It's thick with trees and abundant palms and ferns everywhere under the trees. The entrance coming into the park is like going into a primordial the forests from eons ago....(Can you tell she likes it? asks E.) Eldo does, too....

First of all, it's on the Atlantic Ocean, so there's a beach...Not a pretty beach with white sand, but a beach ravaged by previous hurricanes, brown sand, palm trees uprooted, dead and brown, but still cool. Turtles come to nest in the DUNES...These are like the beaches we grew up with in the midwest...And we like them just as much as the perfect beach with white sand.....

Second, it has a LIGHTHOUSE....

Sparky paid a paltry 2.00 to climb the 167 steps to see the great view from the top!
And third, Hunting State Park has a nature center with a wonderful variety of birds flitting around...Sparky has always wanted to see some different birds other than the usual robins, sparrows, finches, and woodpeckers you see in a midwest backyard. Her dream was to see a painted bunting..They are such a BEAUTIFUL bird! Here's a picture from the nature center billboard.
There were at least three buntings flitting around the nature center. Sparky forgot her zoom, so not very good photos of them today, but SHE SAW THEM! They were BEAUTIFUL, uh, GORGEOUS! and next time she WILL have the zoom with her!
And she saw a summer tanager! That was a pretty bird, too!
Sparky is a very happy camper, having seen a painted bunting, and more than one! (If Sparky is a happy camper, Eldo is a happy camper!) What a life we have together........and it's not just for the birds!

On the way home, we stopped at a beautiful church ruins not too far from our RV park. It was about eight miles from The Oaks at Point South at the exit off highway 21 onto 17 south. There is a sign just a few yards beyond the exit for Old Sheldon Church Road. The historical site is called the "Old Sheldon Church Ruins" admission to walk in and roam and take in the splendor of this old church and think about what it might have looked like in its day.....It was built in the Greek Revival style between 1745 and 1753. It was burned by the British in 1779 during the Revolutionary War. In 1826, it was rebuilt. In 1865, the locals panicked over the Civil War ending, and it was pillaged and burnt again. The ruins lie among massive old oaks and scattered graves. Colonel William Bull, one of the early governors of South Carolina, and the surveyor who helped Oglethorpe plan the Savannah city layout of grids and squares, is buried inside the church ruins.
They still hold an annual service here, and many weddings take place as well....It was beautiful!


  1. Oh. . .we loved it too. . .I gotta include a link to our pics. . .different from yours, and such a beautiful place:

    I saw a nature documentary that said they were trying to get more places to leave the beaches natural. . .as it was so important to the wildlife. . .especially the seabirds. . .makes sense to me. . .more pics of South Carolina please. . .I'm enjoying reliving our trip in a different way. . .


  2. I have never seen a bird like that. How beautiful. That park looks like it has it all. Wonderful!

  3. I've heard lots of good things about that State Park and I guess you agree!

    Are (did) you stay there or just make a day trip?

  4. Painted buntings are real Mardi Gras birds. :)

  5. "the locals panicked over the Civil War ending, and it was pillaged and burnt again". Is that like "Aw darn, we just lost the war! Let's burn the church!" ? This reinforces my desire to visit the South in a leisurely way someday, with an eye to seeing the Civil War from their side. (Wisconsinite talking...)

  6. This is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE parks. We stay there every time we are anywhere near there and hope to be able to spend thanksgiving there this year. Fingers crossed!!

  7. We are so glad that you love this park so much!! Charley and I had the not so good fortune to live there back in the early 70's for a short time. Charley had just graduated from college and got a job with our state park system and this is where they decided to send us. At that time, the mosquitoes grew as big as me and threatened many times to carry me away!! Our short 6 month stay there was not pleasant and we both still hate the place. However, we can see where visitors to the park would find it very nice though