Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bye-Bye Beaufort!

Our last day in the southern low's been so HOT the last couple of days, we haven't felt like doing anything! High eighties, low nineties, ugh!  There are so many things we wish we could still do but just not enough time to do them this visit..Here's a brief list of the things we hope to do the NEXT time we visit South Carolina's "low country".....
historic store just down the street from the Oaks at Point South

1. Charleston--historic tour of the houses, the museum, the Citadel-the military college of South Carolina, and the Hunley submarine
2. Learn more about the Gullah culture and traditions....
3. Visit more of the Sea Islands, the barrier islands outside of S.C. and Georgia, there are over 100!
4. Spend more time at Hunting Island State Park
5. Buy some more peach and cherry cider at the historic store-see right photo
6. Bike at Hilton Head and on the beach!
7. See the Dragon Boat Racing

courtesy of the internet
Dragon Boat racing in Beaufort? Yup! A little history about why it is coming here, and what it is...There is a movie documentary called Awaken the Dragon....It's a 90 minute documentary about how Charleston cancer survivors have adopted the sport of dragon boat racing to symbolize their struggle against cancer, and the effects of the DragonBoat program have had on the survivors, their caregivers and supporters. Two women in the Beaufort area were so moved by the movie, that they started forming a local team for Beaufort, DragonBoat Beaufort.
courtesy of the internet

Twenty paddlers sit two abreast in a colorful 41 foot dragon boat while paddling to the beat of a drummer, which is the "heartbeat" of the dragon. The sport started in 1996, in Vancouver, Canada. The importance of team activity is important for the survival efforts of cancer affected patients, both for their physical and emotional well being and dragon boat racing has proved to be of tremendous benefit to the participants.

The boats cost as much as $16,000, so Beaufort is currently raising funds for purchasing one or two boats. They hope to have a DragonBoat Festival in 2013. We'll be there to help support it if it comes...We hope it does!

We've had a wonderful time here in South Carolina, at the Oaks at Point South but "Hitch Itch" has set in, that urge to pack up and move to head for new adventures, so we're getting ready to leave soon for the northern part of South Carolina. Time to head out for Cross Hill, South Carolina, which is northeast of Greenwood, SC....We have a free six night stay at Lake Greenwood RV Resort that we obtained from the Super Tampa RV show, so that will be great! After that, it's time to go to Freightliner School in Gaffney, and then on to Texas for Sparky's first grandbaby's arrival!  One more day before we leave for Cross Hill.....


  1. We have only visit a bit of SC. You have now wet our whistle to see more of that state.
    I never knew how much those boats cost. My arms and legs hurt just watching them row.

  2. Maybe northern SC will be a bit cooler.

    6 free nights? Now how did we miss that one?

    Are you going straight through to Texas or spending some time at each stop?

    1. We will be stopping along the way just a bit to see a little of the "up country", the northern section of SC. There are many waterfalls there..Sparky wants to HIKE! :-)

  3. Waiting for the report on Freightliner school.

  4. Hey! just had to update you. We have a boat!! the Beaufort Dragon Boat team is awaiting the arrival of our first boat! YES!! we found out last weekend while we were participating in the Charleston Festival. Hope you get back to see us!!One tired paddler!!