Saturday, May 12, 2012

Everything You Want to Know About....?????

When you've got a lot of time on your hands and no ideas for a blog post, sometimes it's nice to start brainstorming and see what you come up. With Sparky, it could be the darndest things!....Well, maybe, if you are lucky, and the old brain cells are working. Sparky wanted to start a post that would have other people join in on little tidbits of information you have picked up on the road since you've been traveling...We're not talking about history facts, beautiful state parks, the best place to eat on the road, but interesting little tidbits that make you go "Hmmph! I didn't know that!" I posted something about baggywrinkle...a goofy name for protective gear that goes on mast riggings to keep the steel cables from rubbing and making holes in the sails. Hmph! I didn't know that....

Here's another one...You know those bottle trees that you see in tourist trap towns, or near cutesy boutiques, or out by someone's home? You mean, they are not just collecting old wine bottles for their color and light reflecting qualities and making an art statement? Nope!  Well, maybe yes, and maybe no...Some of the people who have put up bottle trees believe that bottles can trap bad spirits at night, which are then destroyed in the next day's sunlight--a superstition that originated over three thousand years ago in Arabia. (You mean like in "I dream of Jeannie, er, Genie?" asks a smiling Eldo) Yeah, yeah...Haven't heard that one in many years, thank goodness!.....Here's a great link to a guy who has really done his research and throws some photos in as well....
Hmmph! I didn't know that!

OK, your turn.....what little tidbits have you learned while out on the road, that made you go...
"Hmmph! I didn't know that!" This should be fun! Stay tuned for tomorrow's post which is a totally different kind of post, but will make you go, "Hmmph! I didn't know that"...or maybe you did. Read and see!

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