Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last Day at Cane Creek/Lake Greenwood

What did we do today, for our last day? Sparky kayaked Lake Greenwood....Sparky is spoiled because she has kayaked in the Florida KEYS and seen dolphins, kayaked in some beautiful rivers populated with alligators, so to go out on a lake today, an ordinary lake, and not see anything but power boats, jetskis and pontoon boats, it was a little on the boring side!

But that's ok....Sparky got some good exercise! After paddling out on the open choppy waters of the lake and watching out for jet skis, and pontoon boats barreling along, she explored some of the lake's many little inlets and coves...Unfortunately, the ones she explored didn't go very far....
Now this is more like it!

Then she saw this duck box...

She was just thinking, "I'll bet all these duck boxes never get cleaned out. I NEVER see any ducks in them!" when a WHOOSH, something went rushing right by her and with a squawking QUACK! Out flew a female duck squawking her space was invaded! Sorry about that! Should have realized that those little fluffy feathers peeking out of the box meant it was OCCUPIED. Just thought they were old feathers. Wonder what kind of duck it was...non-descript, grayish brown...good size...maybe a wood duck as these look like wood duck nesting boxes. Duh, Sparky! Ya think?!

Just a little while later, the sales guy at our park, Doug, took two couples besides us out for a pontoon dinner cruise around the lake. We enjoyed the company of two sets of retired couples that were in law enforcement--police departments. Both, did they have the stories to tell, and boy, were they funny! We laughed and laughed....One of the couples retired extremely early and were very young. The wife wasn't even 50 yet, and her husband was 57. They have been fulltiming for SEVEN years! Must have had a TERRIFIC police pension to be able to do that, and she hasn't even started claiming her pension yet. They are living on one income and NOT working on the road! Maybe they got a heckuva inheritance. Sparky overheard that the woman's dad had retired at 42 and she decided she was going to follow in his footsteps.

We got to see a portion of Lake Greenwood called Hidden Lake, a tiny inlet leads the way around a bend, then VOILA! Another good sized lake shows up! The locals know where it's at, and now, we do, too!...It was calm and beautiful...We ate local ribs that were cooked to perfection from a young BBQ entrepreneur in front of the local Piggly Wiggly grocery store. Good company, and interesting new travelers that we met here with great stories to tell.

We've really enjoyed our stay here at Cane Creek/Lake Greenwood RV Resort. Time to head to Gaffney, SC for Camp Freightliner--a two day school for Freightliner chassis owners. Wonder if they'll have s'mores? (Nope, but they're gonna feed us lunch both days as part of the school, says E.) You stay at the KOA in Gaffney, and Freightliner picks you up each morning at the KOA at the ungodly hour of 7:30 AM, so you don't skip school, haha. Freightliner even gives you a discount for staying at the KOA,  a 10% discount. It's 220.00 per couple, or 175.00 a person for the class if you go solo. Eldo is looking forward to it, Sparky, not so much. It's a school, it's a CLASS, and no hands on. Sparky is hoping there will be NO HOMEWORK.  Stay tuned for some useful information! We'll give you the best of the best in the next two days.
our site from Sparky's kayak at Cane Creek/Lake Greenwood, that's Eldo out there!


  1. If you get time while you are at Gaffney, visit Limestone College, and if you like battlefields, we really enjoyed Cowpens National Battlefield.

  2. Looks like a great day for a paddle. Not running into an aligator can be a good thing. Safe travels! I've heard that Freighliner puts on a good program.

  3. Wow that's a very nice site. I know what you mean about preferring rivers to lake and alligators to powerboats. Trouble with rivers is that they flow and if you go one way you have to paddle back. One of those is against the current. Good exercise though as you say. :-)