Friday, November 5, 2010

You Better Watch Out!

When I got up this morning, Eldy gave me a big smile like he always does, and he says, "Santa came last night." I said, "What?" He says again, "Santa came last night." I asked him what did he mean? He brought me a new bike? I've got a new grill? We've got presents outside our RV front door?  Eldy said, "Look outside." I did, and there's a big brand new pile of kindling and a ton of firewood sitting by our fire pit. Well, that's a GREAT present, as we haven't been able to find any campfire wood easily. They don't sell it at convenience stores or gas stations like they do in Indiana, and we have not seen any residential places near the parks and campgrounds that often advertise firewood, either.   Aw-w-w-w-w-w...thank you, Santa!

Well, Santa is still here, and how often do you get to thank Santa AFTER he's come to visit you? Never! So I just had to go down and see Santa to thank him in person. At first I had to get the "Now, you've been a good girl haven't you?" speech. And I might have been fudging a little bit when I said, "Yes, of course!" Well, that was good enough for Santa! We talked a little more about how busy his schedule is going to be. He spends a lot of time at the Arkansas Children's Hospital when he can, along with visiting many sick children everywhere. He even made a visit to a family with children in the campground today! Santa is getting on the computer more, too. For the adults, here is Santa's web address, check it out!...
Santa is resting at the Old Post Campground for now, just a little while longer, because he's going to get very busy really soon! Since Santa gets around, he was kind enough to tell us about some very cool places to visit here in Russellville, Arkansas. One place he told us about is Mount Nebo State Park, which has a 7 mile circuitous route up the mountain side. We did go see that today and we'll tell you all about that tomorrow!

One last photo of's been a lo-o-o-n-n-n-g time since I had my photo taken with Santa. I am going to treasure this one! Thank you to Santa's wife for taking our photo.... See you tomorrow!  PS. Santa has his summer work suit on in case any kids are wondering!


  1. That guy is about as close to looking like the real Santa Claus as anyone I've ever seen! Thanks for posting the great photos.

  2. What a wonderful adventure you both are having. Thanks for sharing. I always wondered what Santa did off season -- now we know.

  3. Connor really enjoyed seeing Santa. I pulled up the computer and said Connor show is that with Jeannie. He said that is Santa. I told him he was on vacation camping near you before he goes to the North Pole to ready for Christmas. He wanted to know everything you got from Santa. He was very interested in why you were with Santa. That guys seems really awesome. Thanks for sharing. We love it. Oh got our first snow yesterday. So maybe you will see some when you are hear Jeannie. It is starting early this year. Love ya.