Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mystery Solved!

It's a rainy, dreary day today so this morning we headed over to another small town to try and find some craft supplies for some of my projects. We couldn't find what I needed yesterday in the town of Senatobia, so we headed north. The town we found is called Hernando (named after the explorer Hernando DeSoto). Hernando is a great town from the looks of it...modern, up to date, cute shops and stores and a Super WalMart. There was a DeSoto Museum but we didn't check it out this visit. I found the supplies I needed and we took scenic route 304 back to Arkabutla Lake. On the way back, we saw a couple of signs about the out of control plants. So that monstrous vine/bush that is overtaking the south IS Kudzu.....I feel badly for this part of the really makes the environment down here look depressing, sort of like swamp monster movies where you see all the heavy heavy vegetation just hanging everywhere. It just looks like they gave up trying to eradicate it.....Of course the gray, foggy, misty dreariness of the day certainly added to the depressing look of the area. But when you are out driving around, and that's all you see, this vine overtaking trees and smothering everything in its path, that truly is a depressing sight.

I am really getting a big chuckle today out of how Eldy is spending his time today...he is researching disc golf---the discs, where to buy them, and where the courses are. He also started telling me stuff I didn't know like there are different kind of trapping baskets for the discs. ...This is a guy who said he doubted he would go back to play again after his first time out...but that's because he didn't know how to throw the disc! Now he is REALLY enjoying it and has figured out the throw...that's a wonderful thing. He's even got me thinking about what kind of discs I  have. (I have five drivers and one putter)  Are they "understable", "overstable"?  Geesh, I don't have any idea! He's studying disc golf players throwing styles and grips online...I'm in trouble!  When he starts researching something, LOOK OUT! I won't have any kind of edge on him after this. But I didn't have much of an edge in the first place, seeing that he has already whipped my butt at my own game! Uh, beginner's luck, maybe?  After Christmas, we are heading to Galveston, Texas. Eldy informed me that there are 234 disc golf courses in Texas. YEE-haw! But then he told me there are ZERO disc golf courses in Galveston, at least none that showed up on his website he was checking out...drat!  But it's great to know that wherever we travel, we're sure to be able to enjoy a round if we decide to find one...I never knew there were so many!

Tomorrow we head for southern Illinois to a great recreation area and another Corps of Engineer park at Rend Lake. The campground pickin's are getting very slim. We'll be in Rend Lake for the weekend. On Sunday, we head for our "base" camp at the Elkhart Fairgrounds in Goshen, IN for all next week. We're going to take care of dentist and doctor appointments and spend time with some of our family. It's the only campground open in the area all year round. Temperatures are only going to be in the high thirties, low forties! Br-r-r-r-r-r!

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