Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mighty High Mount Nebo

Quite a ledge!
It's only 1350 ft. high, but the 7 miles from our campground to the journey up the mountain with its tortuous hairpin curves and steep grades, makes it seem a LOT higher!  There is a sign warning you not to take any recreational vehicle longer than 24 feet up the mountain and you can see why. But Mt. Nebo is an awesome state park, even if it is quite a climb to get up there, and you know what? No entrance fees at this one. This is the second state park we've visited in Arkansas with no entrance fee, so maybe they don't charge. Mt. Nebo State Park has 24 class B campsites at their location. They are also one of two Arkansas state parks that has a launching site for hang glider enthusiasts! We didn't see any taking advantage of the thermal wind currents while we were there. There are tennis courts on top of the mountain, modern air conditioned cabin rentals, a basketball court, and a pool among other amenities, and deer walking around minding their own business. There are people living there at the top in full time residences as well. One of the most remarkable things about this park, is there are TWO vistas to see the Arkansas River valley below in an almost 360 degree panorama. One observation point is called Sunrise Point, and the other one is......(drum roll, please) you guessed it....Sunset Point. The views were amazing. The trees are just now in glorious fall color this far south, so we were in awe of the views...

Eldy decided he was going to go down one of the trails and check it out. I thought he was being foolish because he had on leather shoes and didn't have his hiking poles, so I stayed on top for a bit. I could hear him calling out faintly, "You gotta come see this!" and I was yelling back sounding like his mother, "You don't have the right shoes on, you are being foolish! Get back here!" Along comes a young father with his little boy, skippin' along on the very narrow, rocky trail like it was no big deal. Now I was the one feeling foolish. I'm  not one to be shown up by a little kid, so I get the hiking poles for the both of us, reassure myself that Eldy is not going to go tumbling off the mountain. He's at least got rubber soles on the bottom of his shoes, and off we went. He picks the "strenuous" trail which surprised me, as his knee has not been the best. But it was the best trail to explore....we checked it out for about a half an hour, it was getting late, so we decided to come back another day, hike the full trail and maybe hang out for the sunset at the point. All I can say is WOW! Arkansas has some absolutely stunning landscape and scenic drives..We are enjoying our stay so much here at Old Post Road Campground, we are going to stay a full week or longer, the most we have spent in any one place.
How can you leave such a beautiful place? We can't! The weather is going to get warmer, in the mid seventies during the day, full sunshine all week, and in the thirties and forties at night. See you tomorrow at the disc golf course--a championship 18 hole course here in Russellville--woo hoo! THAT ought to be interesting...there's water everywhere around the course! This is my thing, I've played disc golf for several years and I've really missed it, having moved away from THREE disc golf courses within 20 min. of each other in my old hometown of South Bend, IN. Bless Eldy's heart, this is not something he particularly enjoys but he knows it's great exercise, so he's coming along....bye for now.....

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  1. What a beautiful view - well worth the hike up. That 18% grade is something else, no wonder they say no big rigs up there.

    Thanks for posting the great pics!