Saturday, November 27, 2010

Auction Time!

We saw a couple of signs for auctions this morning at the Elkhart Fairgrounds, where we are staying. Of course I just HAD to go, having been a very active ebayer until we hit the road this past June. I had some great successes in the past picking up stuff at garage sales and turning around and selling on ebay. I also had a pole barn back in Fremont, IN full of things I thought I could sell on ebay that didn't, which made for moving out in June much more difficult! I had enough stuff to have TWO garage sales. At any rate, I went over to the auction barns this morning to check things out. Because we had to leave soon for our family dinner, I didn't register to bid, which was probably a good thing.

Eldy wants to follow the rule "if anything comes into the RV, something must go out" but we haven't been doing very well with that, especially since we weighed ourselves (the coach, that is) and we are underweight. Well, anybody knows that if you are underweight, you should put on a few pounds, right? I'm trying to make that happen with craft supplies, but Eldy's not buying it!

The auctions were was a flea market type...a consignment auction..saw some beautiful Carnival glass waiting for bidding, some great assortments and tables of estate sale stuff, it just made my heart go pitty-pat. I used to go to those things a lot and really enjoyed them. When we settle down a bit in one place, I'm gonna get Eldo to be my navigator and we'll check some of those out. Watching the Antiques Roadshow on TV or The Pickers, you KNOW there's a fabulous buy out there somewhere, but you really have to know your "stuff" that you end up buying...I think I've found a new retirement hobby for Eldy. He's such a great researcher! ("Uh, wait a minute now......") Guess who that is?!

The other auction was a quilt auction..many beautiful Amish hand quilted unfinished quilt tops and completed quilts. There was not a big turnout, so some amazing bargains were to be had today. I saw some finished bed quilts go for under $250.00, a gorgeous topper for $45.00. Wow! Wish I had had more time to pick something out for our bedroom or living room for a future change. There is a particular style to RV decor, and for most people, the bedspreads are very limited in choice and color if you don't like the one that comes with the RV, or if you just want to personalize it and make it your own. We are lucky in that our house decor is a very pretty light sage, light teal blue and tan decor, so I really shouldn't be thinking about a quilt! There were many Amish that came to the quilt auction today, and it is always interesting to me to see the buggies lined up along with the cars. There is a very large Amish community in Middlebury and the surrounding area, it's the third largest in the United States. When I lived in Fremont, IN, a little farther away from Middlebury, they had hitching posts at the town bank for the Amish horse and buggies. In the dead of winter, the Amish in my area did not have covered buggies. I would be driving to school and see them in their horse drawn wagons with nothing to protect them from the elements but a black umbrella held in front to ward off the driving snow. Such hardy people! And we whine about the cold! Off to Shipshewanna this afternoon to get the BEST zucchini bread and Jojo's Pretzels to freeze and then to the family gathering in Milford, IN. We'll share some cute photos with you tomorrow....bye for now....

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  1. I would love to have seen those quilts. And aren't the buggies fascinating?