Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Beautiful Buffalo Point Campground

The side of our site
Eldy is a master at searching for great campgrounds at reasonable prices. We are settled in at the Buffalo River National Forest Campground for a couple of days. Being that it's a national river, we can use his senior pass. We can ride our bikes, go for short hikes, and it is truly a quiet and restful place. The campsites are unique in that they have terraced stone walls, benches for seating, a nice extra long metal picnic bench, and fire pits. We went for a bike ride a little while ago and discovered it's extremely hilly in this part of the campground. Looks like we won't be doing much bike riding, it's too frustrating getting up those hills!

Jeannie taking it easy
terraced sites
Not much to tell today, we are taking it easy. We've seen several deer in the campground. There are supposed to be elk here as well. There are three kinds of poisonous snakes in the area, but my guess is that they wouldn't be too much of a threat with the weather cooling down significantly at night. Photos today are in and around the park--our site and the Buffalo River bed....I started hiking one of the trails this afternoon by myself, while Eldy was getting firewood, but after about 20 min., all I could think of was what if I ran into a snake! What if I got bit? Eldy did not know where I was, so back down the trail I went. I'm not going to be foolish about hiking alone and not telling anyone where I was going! There are other trails quite a bit farther away in this area along the Buffalo River (about a two hour drive) where you can hike to see Indian caves, interesting rock formations and other sites. The Buffalo River runs thru the Ozarks for 150 miles, so there is much to see if you can hike or drive. With all the traveling we have been doing, and moving fairly often, we are slowing it down for a bit this week to enjoy nature and fall's last hurrah of color. It's very dry here, they haven't had rain for over 70 days, so things are very brown and parched. The river has dried up a great deal. I'll bet it's very pretty and fun to float in the spring and summer when the water level is higher. We've run into some nice campers in our campground. They are all looking for the best satellite location with their rigs! We stop each other on the road while walking or driving and chat for a bit, then the inevitable conversation drifts to "Are you getting any satellite signal where you are?" "Uh, no.."  We have a dome antenna on top, but we can't get any TV channels because we have a round antenna that is designed for digital signals. We're getting nada!-- no signal. We are satellite ready, but have not signed up for any service. People just see this nice rig and think we've got all the bells and whistles. Not quite! We had fun joking with a couple today about how we are really "roughing it" without cell phones, TV, and internet. That puts a whole new slant on Tiffin's slogan, seen on the backs of all their coaches they make, "Roughing it Smoothly"....We are going to try another corps of engineer campground tomorrow near Russellville, Arkansas, a little more central and west of us. We might be on the road tomorrow. You never know what Eldo is going to do!...Bye for now!
Buffalo River bed just below our campground

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