Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wild Wednesday

I left at 6:30 AM to get to Angola, IN in time for my early dentist appointment.. My front teeth are NOT ok from yesterday's hard hit on the slide, but nothing is loose, thank goodness. My mouth aches a little above the teeth. I'll just have to wait it out, says the dentist, for something funky to go wrong with the nerves...great....saw a GORGEOUS sunrise on the way. It's not the best photo, as I didn't hold the camera steady enough, but you can still see the fabulous colors....Took care of my appointments...Had a great lunch with a school friend...went to the storage shed to try and find our mini Christmas tree. Opened up the door, took one look at all the heavy boxes and non-descript black trash bags, one piled on top of another, and felt the cold, biting wind nipping at my back, and closed up the door again. We've got so much stuff in there, I had no idea where to begin looking for the tree. Do I ever think about what I am missing in the RV and wish I had retrieved it out of the shed? Sure, once in a great while...but a good percentage of it, we could probably give away and we'd never miss it! What do they say about if you haven't used it in a year get rid of it?  (Sh-h-h-h-h, don't tell Eldy! I'm not ready to give up all my craft stuff and some furniture I have an attachment to from my mom.....)

Eldy went thru the wringer, so to speak today. He had the tough job of driving all the way up to the General in Grand Rapids (a little two hours one way) with the darn low voltage beeper sounding an almost constant alarming chirp until he got well on the highway. Then it did the same thing when he pulled in to the General's lot. We are definitely heading to Freightliner in Elkhart, IN first thing Monday morning to get this thing worked out. The two times before they were not able to find the problem, the voltage read normal and nothing showed up in computer diagnostics. Personally, I think the RV knows when we are about to take it in and shapes up. So, Monday morning, I'm going to announce to Eldy, "So, honey, where do you want to head SOUTH (said loudly) today as we start our LONG (this said quite loudly) trip?" And then we will silently set our course for the Freightliner dealership. And if we're lucky, the low voltage display panel will start to party and show its true colors!

When Eldy got back from Grand Rapids, he had to set up all  by himself, no problem, but it's raining, it's bitter cold and it's just harder to do it by yourself. We each have our jobs that we do to set up and it's usually a quite efficient process. We're getting to be old pros at it. However, I'm still in Angola, so he gets settled in and decides to check the propane gauge, the main source of our heat now that the temperature has dropped. The gauge is flopping back and forth between 1/3 and 1/2. (RV gauge levels are notorious for not being very accurate) so Eldy decides that he better go get propane as it's going to dip into the teens Thanksgiving Day night. He's not sure he can trust the propane gauge. We need to be sure to have plenty for the next couple of really cold nights. Back up come the jacks, pull in the slides, and off he heads to the gas station to get propane. He makes it there ten minutes before they close. Whew! Tomorrow we head for Detroit for Thanksgiving Day very early in the morning. Have a very blessed Thanksgiving......I hope to post photos tomorrow of the things I am thankful for, but we might not have time to do the blog. If we don't see you tomorrow, we'll be back on Friday!  Bye for now.....

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  1. Great sunrise shot Jeannie. Happy Thanksgiving to all the family. Sending love and hugs to everyone.