Monday, November 8, 2010

More About Mt. Nebo, AR

After taking it easy in the morning...isn't that what retirement is all about? We thought about returning to that beautiful mountain top state park, Mount Nebo.

We decided to drive back to hike that "strenuous" trail we found the day before yesterday. Again, we saw lots of deer wandering around at the top of the mountain. The trail really wasn't as strenuous as we thought it would be....well, maybe a little, depending on what you are used to. I know that hiking trails in New Hampshire that were labeled "easy" weren't, so we were expecting a just about impossible trail. Not really! It wasn't bad at all. You just have to be careful with your footing, that's all. We really love our hiking sticks..they are Black Diamond brand from an outdoor sports company. They extend in two places on the poles allowing for quite a few adjustments. We each have a pair, and find they help tremendously with our balance and confidence on tackling hikes such as these. Without the poles, I would seriously worry about stumbling on such a trail, or twisting an ankle. The poles really help with balance and sure footing. It was just an incredible walk alongside the mountain with breathtaking views late in the day...we chose to go around 3:00 PM for our hike, coming off the trail to make in time for the sunset at Sunset Point. That was definitely the highlight of our day are some of the views....if you click on an individual photo in the collage, the whole collection will become larger and you can see the photos better. Enjoy!

Hiking Mount Nebo trails and Sunset Park
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We're not sure what tomorrow's going to be hard to top what we saw today! We may explore another state park. You never know where Eldo is going to go next!  See you then......

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