Monday, November 22, 2010

Apples in South Bend!

Don't we look studious?
Not an apple orchard, but a new Apple Store at the University Park Mall...oh, boy! With rain in the forecast, and nothing special planned for today, we are headed to the Apple Store. We can't get into too much trouble, Eldy already has an ipad, and we have iphones...However..............(notice the big pause here) we DON'T have iphone 4's...BUT that's ok. Judging from a recent message we've gotten about somebody suing Apple due to iphones before the iphone 4 not working as well once you get software upgrades and updates, so they push you to the new iphone 4, I'm going to sit this technology upgrade out and wait till I'm due for a better phone about 9 months and a few days from now. No pregnancy jokes, please! No harm in looking, though, right? Yeah, right! We will get our computers updated for software, and do some free downloads in the store while we are there. I also wanted to try and get my 800+ songs off my ipod from my old computer onto my mac. Unfortunately, today they were not able to help me with that. Something about a one way transfer, that is not allowable for the staff to do...looks like I will have to buy some third party software to get my songs onto the mac. I downloaded two different tomes of directions (11-15 pages each) of how to do the transfer without having to buy the software, and apparently, my ipod doesn't correspond to the files and folders I'm supposed to see as shown in the directions. Stopped in my tracks! Techno geek, I am not! Oh, was worth a try. Besides, Eldy wanted to check to see if the South Bend store is as friendly and knowledgeable and full of nice techy geeks as the Grand Rapids store is. (They were.) He also got a brand new iphone 3GS to replace the one he had where the volume kept going down to the point where you couldn't hear voices very well. Another reason we headed to the UP mall, we'll take the mile long  Christmas wish list (grandparents love choices!) for the grandkids and see just what's out there for two little boys this year and a maturing young granddaughter. It certainly is a different shopping experience looking for kids' gifts these days compared to when our kids were growing up!

The University Park Mall in South Bend was wonderful. It's been a couple of years since I've been there and they've updated and remodeled and grown. It was really beautiful and decorated for the holidays, of course. But the atmosphere was so much nicer than previously and it really got you in the shopping mood. ("Uh-oh!" says Eldy) They had this train with a real sounding locomotive whistle...kinda cute...this will set you back $3.00 a person to ride around the mall to rest your feet and give the little ones a thrill.

This is going to be a short blog today..we're under a tornado watch for Elkhart County. Time to get the NOAH weather radio out. The winds they are a blowin', the awning toppers are making a terrific racket, so it's hard to concentrate at the moment. We hope we don't have to worry about a safer place to go because the bathrooms are not open now. Not that bathrooms would be that much safer in a tornado...kinda reminds me of this summer when we were in Elkhart county driving away FAST from an oncoming tornado about a half hour behind us. Makes me wish we had asked when we checked in yesterday where a safer location would be if the bathrooms are not open. Eldy says, he'll ride it out...guess that means I will, too. Where he goes, I go!  I wouldn't have it any other way....See you tomorrow.....

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  1. Well at least you knew about the warnings. I was cleaning out toy boxes and did not realize it. Trying to make room for Christmas. Got rid of one toy box. But still to much stuff. I guess next time Connor will have to be asleep. But if it has to do with trucks, cars, tractor or action figures, he is always playing with them. Just has to many of them. Getting my IPhone next month with my bonus. Can't wait to see you guys. Love ya.