Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Challenge of a Drive

25 mph curve, almost a U
Do we stay or do we go? We asked ourselves that question all day yesterday and this morning. We really thought Buffalo Point Campground was fabulous, but we also missed a few amenities such as being able to use our phones, hop on the internet whenever we felt like it, or the ability to call and talk to our families. We did challenge ourselves a bit and did without all three for a couple of days....there will be times when we do it for longer periods of time, I'm sure...but we decided to try another corps of engineer campground near a bigger city...we found Old Post Road Campground, just outside of Russellville, Arkansas, near Dardanelle Lake and off we headed was about a 120 mile trip today, but it took a lo-o-o-n-n-n-g time to get there due to the tortuous turns of the two lane highway. We drove north on highway 14 back to Harrison, then down highway 7 south all the way to Russellville. When we first got on 7 south, I thought, "Oh, this will be's Arkansas's scenic byway..."  It was GORGEOUS! But scary at times.....when you see a sign that says, "crooked and steep the next 37 miles", you know you are in a challenging driving situation.

Another overlook, not THE overlook
We started climbing and climbing and climbing steep hills....The Boston Mountains were off to the west of us, and the fall colors were outstanding. At one point, after gasping and oooohing and aaaahhhing at the beautiful scenery, I was looking out the living room window trying to get a photo, and I asked Eldy was there was anyway he could pull over at an overlook? We did find an overlook, but it was on the opposite side of the road and we made our decision a little too late. We attempted to pull in a very sharp turn and halfway in, we realized it was too tight for the RV and our car tow...uh-oh! We were stuck---halfway out on the road, and halfway in the overlook lane! Eldy says calmly and cooly, "I'm going to have to back up..."  That meant we would be backing out on the highway....and I said NOT so calmly and cooly, "Oh, sh--!!!"  Visions of us jackknifing when thru my head, semis rounding the turn running into us went thru my head, but luck was with us. Eldy only had to back up about five feet and both lanes of cars slowed to a stop while we extricated ourselves out of a very tight spot!  Whew! We won't do THAT again! The heck with the scenery!...but it was incredible.....the overlook was just outside of Jasper, of the most beautiful overlooks we have ever seen---briefly!

Some things seen but not photographed on the way today.....Who Da Thought This Was Arkansas general store, somewhere on highway 7 south, that was the real name!  Sign by the side of a road marking a small town--Booger Hollow, pop. 7, and count 'em, one coon dog!  Don't cha just love it? See you tomorrow!


  1. So far I really like what I see of your blog.

    I remember the area near Russellville, and I always thought I'd love to explore some of it. I will keep your CG recommendation in mind the next time I'm traveling across Arkansas.

  2. Well Dad I don't think you will be doing that again. Thanks for the great laugh today. Carla had to run over and tell me to read your blog because it was so funny. Just so you know you keep my office entertained. Love and miss ya. Glad your safe. Enjoy and see you in a couple of weeks.

  3. That park sounds great, but not the roads to and from. Love the rock wall.