Friday, November 26, 2010

The Day After

After a wonderful Thanksgiving in Detroit, we headed back this morning to Goshen where our RV is. I squeaked in another appointment this afternoon in South Bend while Eldy held down the fort with the grandkids for a short while without me. It's amazing what a trio of three kids ten and under can do in a very short period of time to decorate the motor home. I had the foresight to leave a movie and a package of colorful pipe cleaners while I took off for South Bend. Everything went well while I was gone. When I got back, here's what greeted me when I walked in the door....great imagination, these kids have!
The boys love their electronic games!
They had a ball decorating just about every single cupboard knob in the living room! They made visors, monsters, all kinds of stuff. We introduced them to the game "Angry Birds" on the ipad and the boys and Cate had a great time learning the strategies. After Eldy had to watch the kids on  his own for a couple of hours, I decided to give him a break and take the boys to see "Megamind", a new animated movie out for kids. Cate wanted to stay with her Papa.  Of course we had to visit McDonald's first and play in the play area. They played and I watched. I'm glad they are old enough that I didn't have to go in the tunnels if one of them got afraid or stuck like little ones tend to do sometimes....Then we got to the movie, which was 3D. I thought that would really capture their attention. It certainly captured mine! (The grandsons are 5 and 6.) They were not at all interested in the movie as I thought they would be, it was maybe a little too sophisticated for them. One of the boys fell asleep, the other kept asking when we were going to go home, so we left a little early. Back to our RV, and then for them, home to bed. Eldy and I are pooped! Long drive back today and watching active kids and keeping them busy wears you out! But, we enjoyed having them very much. It's a little bit tougher to keep them in the RV than in a regular house, we will say that.....tomorrow we head to Milford, IN for the afternoon for Eldy's family's Thanksgiving dinner. I think I'm going to have to ride my bike a TON next week to make up for eating all the great stuff these past three days! Bye for now.......

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