Saturday, November 13, 2010

Guess where Eldo is?

Here's hint #1--we left Russellville, AR, and headed on 40 west, then 55 south. We are in a very open, low part of the state that Elvis Presley was born in. Here is Eldo in front of a Cobra 45 that Elvis drove in one of his movies. No, we are not at Graceland.

But you've got the state nailed down, right? OK, here is hint #2. Eldo and I are standing in front of a DeLorean car that was used in the movie "Back to the Future". Same location, that didn't help! Let's try another photo....see the right one? Not much help, I admit. But I'll bet you are getting warmer! Hint #3...there are nine casinos in this town! It's the big, thriving metropolis of......

.......Tunica, Mississippi! What?! You've never heard of it? Me, neither! Eldy had heard of this area from a friend but had never been there, so we thought we would try and see what kind of bargain we could find for us to stay for a few days...How's this? Thirteen dollars a night with full hookup...water, 50 amp electric, sewer, AND cable. Weekend football games are coming up and Eldy has gone over a week with no TV with no complaining.  Time for him to enjoy the Notre Dame game (IF they perform better than they have been) We are staying at the Hollywood Casino RV campground. It's a totally different environment, that's for sure! Sites are fairly close together, there aren't many trees here, and not every site has a picnic table, you have to share with a couple other sites. That's a great way to meet your neighbors...The only other drawback is that at night, the campground is lit up like a baseball field. Luckily, our shades take care of can definitely tell you are in the Mississippi Delta area...levees are just feels very low with the flat land everywhere and the rich black soil for miles and miles. We are going to take advantage of a nice meal this evening at a local casino restaurant, and then we are going to check out the entertainment at Toby Keith's Bar and Grill at Harrah's Casino. Heck, Eldy might even ride the bull!
And if you believe that bull, then you might as well not believe anything in this blog! But I tell a straight story, you can count on that. We'll see what happens and we'll see you tomorrow!

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  1. tunica is vegas of the east... nice place if you like to gamble...