Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We're in Pleasant Ridge, MI, a suburb of Detroit, about a block from the Detroit Zoo. My sister, Lyle and her husband started a tradition at Thanksgiving of having guests and/or family sign the tablecloth. People say whatever they want to's so fun to read it! Some are the traditional thank you's, some are drawings and some reflect a child's perspective. Some of the comments from family and friends: "At least the power's on!" From my niece, age 12 in 2005, "I'm SO thankful for Johnny Depp!" on there more than one time,  "Thanks to the Robnetts for sharing their home and family Thanksgiving dinner with us,"  and Paige, age 7, "I am thankful for pancake's." We had a wonderful dinner, lots of laughter and my little cousin, Katie, 1 1/2 years old, ran circles around all of us...As usual, we ate too much all day long getting the dinner some new recipes to try from my sister.
youngest member of the family and her "Pa"
Earlier today, Eldy went with the guys in the family to see the Lions/Saints game in Detroit while my sister and I worked on dinner and the table....the fellas really enjoyed the game even though the Lions lost.

I forgot to bring  my family photos to put on the blog to show the family I am so thankful to have...we have a great family with lots of great wit to share. We had a great time playing Taboo...we laughed, we remembered, we ate, we drank, we toasted,  we wished some of our family could have been there, too...both my daughters live quite far away and they were not able to come in this year. My sister's second son was not able to come in...we missed them very much. It's really hard these days to get everyone together... We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours. Tomorrow Eldy and I travel back to Goshen to get ready for his side of the family's holiday celebration on Saturday....see you later!

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  1. Hope u gt the papers We are still loading your old challenger. Enjoying the blog. sorry to read of the troubles. Tell krisi we said hi. Dona