Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Just Ducky!

Wanna see some ducks today? That's all Sparky did, take a bike ride--12 miles total, trying to find something interesting to photograph... Back to Eagle Lakes Community Park to see what birds were out and about today....the ibis on the way to the park...not sure what this dark one is, might he be an ibis also?
And how about these ibis? They look like they are admiring themselves in their reflections!
"How do we look?"
Then I got to the park....and there were LOTS more ibis....with lots more reflections to look at and grub to eat!
REAL coots
Back to Sugden Park on the way home....and more birds waiting for two elderly gentlemen to feed them...tch! tch! Guess the ranger has warned the old coots (haha...Sparky took REAL coot pictures...keep reading!) NOT to feed the ducks, but are they listening! NOPE ! They are still feeding the ducks almost daily, despite the threat that if they get caught one more time, they will be banned from the park! And you thought teenagers don't respect authority! Hm-m-m-m, bet they are familiar with the expression "crazy as a coot"!

Here's a muscovy duck...Native to Mexico and Central and South America, they've made it here to the states along with lots of other "foreigners"....They are here in Sugden Park....Look at those beautiful feathers!

The old farts made it easy to get some more bird wonder the ibis were sitting on the dock the other day, they were waiting for their buddies to show up and feed 'em!
"What's HE doing here?"

And these guys were wondering.....

                                                    "What's SHE doing here?"
And my LAST ducky photo for the day....Not sure what kind this one is, but it's pretty!

It was just a "ducky" day here in Naples, Florida!


  1. Your last pic is a common moorhen. Top pick is an ibis, probably a glossy ibis.

  2. Love those ducks! Don't forget, you can see the Oregon Ducks play in the Rosebowl on New Years Day (shameless plug by Oregon Duck football fan...sorry...couldn't hold it in).

    Merry Christmas to you and enjoy the New Year, wherever you might be.

  3. Great pictures. 12 mile bike ride sounds wonderful given your weather. Leaving for parts south in a week FINALLY! Any idea where you'll be in January???