Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Nada, Zip, Zero Day

Only in that we went nowhere, did nothing, and sat on our butts! Not even a bike ride today! We did over 12 miles yesterday, so it's ok to sit on our butts for a day. (Or two, or three, or more, says E.) But, to sit on your butt in beautiful, sunny Naples is all right by anyone, we're sure! Especially at Neapolitan Cove, where you feel like you truly are in a resort.
Neapolitan Cove RV Resort
The weather was perfect, very breezy, high of 82 degrees today, but it felt more like 70. We read, we relaxed, Sparky worked on finishing a knitted Christmas gift that better get done in the next couple of days, and before we knew it, the day was gone! So an ultra short blog today.....

This photo is along one of the side street canals in Naples. The water really is this blue sometimes!

I think we're definitely going to go somewhere tomorrow...Wherever that might be, we'll see you there!


  1. It looks like a beautiful place to do nothing in.

  2. Sure hope that book/nook/kindle isn't too heavy for Eldo. He could hurt himself.