Friday, December 2, 2011

Naples and Neapolitan Cove RV Resort

We are HERE! In Naples...yay! A beautiful city, fantastic landscaping, clean and cosmopolitan! Lots to do,  lots of things to see, "Alligator Alley" (Sparky's definition of alligator alley is highway 41, heading east towards the Everglades) restaurants galore, the Apple Store and more....

Neapolitan Cove pull thru
Neapolitan Cove is a very small RV park...60+ sites...About 18 are pull thru's in the center of the park, the rest are back ins, and for a reduced rate, you can park parallel to the wall that separates the park from Tamiami Trail, which is highway 41. The park was recently sold to new owners last month. There have been some changes made. Rates have gone up--darn! I would quote some but they seem to vary a bit depending on who you talked to and when, since the ownership has changed. It's over 1,000 a month up until January, when they really take a hike!

The park management has had the beautiful hibiscus shrubs trimmed down to practically nothing between the sites--darn! The tall hibiscus hedges provided wonderful privacy between sites the last time we were here and now the short, severely pruned back shrubs make the sites much more visible to each other..Guess they wanted to make the sites look larger....Sites are close together, but beautiful palms and flowering hedges help make the narrowness tolerable. Everything is paved and the pads are concrete with little concrete patios. The concrete pads are narrow and we just fit. As a matter of fact, the park staff had to come and trim the palms so we could put our awnings out and get our front door open....

As the branches came crashing down, I moved them into a pile for the guy and couldn't believe how HEAVY those palm blades are! REALLY heavy and non-bending!  It was like holding a heavy sword in my hand!  Guess that's how they've adapted to the hurricane force winds.

The park has a laundry, clubhouse, and a VERY small can't swim laps, it's just for "dunkin'"...Here's our patio side view....

What makes this park so special is the can ride your bike to downtown "old" Naples, the site of fantastic eating, shopping and waterfront happy hours specials. Head east for a bit in the car, and you are at the Everglades....and lots lots more...AND there's there's the gulf not too far away....still wishing for that inflatable kayak, but it's just gonna have to wait! And no, Santa is not going to bring Sparky a kayak...Sparky hasn't behaved herself well enough this year to merit a! It's enough that we are in a beautiful location for quite a while, the weather is beautiful, and we are both healthy and can enjoy this wonderful lifestyle! We keep pinching ourselves to remind us that we really are here doing this!

See you tomorrow.....we'll see what the day brings....


  1. Does look like a lovely place. Sorry to hear the rates have hiked with the new owners. Hope you didn't get caught in it.

  2. It does look very lovely! Glad the management is willing to help get your site in order. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. That looks a lot nicer than the place we stayed in the Naples area:)

  4. I just stumbled on your blog. I just booked a week at this campground for January with 2 small toddlers. What are your thoughts on it? we are looking to travel through florida 2 months this jan/feb. but have never done it before. so taking all the info we can get.

  5. Hi, Monika. this is NOT the place for toddlers. It's a high end VERY expensive resort, beautiful but VERY tight spaces. No safe places for toddlers to play. The pool is teeny tiny. Most of the people staying there are retirees…I would suggest booking a little further north at Sun 'n' Fun in Sarasota. Please keep reading the blog for all about Sun 'n' Fun…MUCH more family oriented, wonderful place for families to stay. Neaopolitan Cove is great, but NOT a good place for small children. There are other places in Naples that are better suited to families. Check out for more info and this blog.