Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

We are leaving tomorrow for Webster, FL, to the Florida Grande RV park. It's a very decent price for Florida for 650.00 a month. We've had a FABULOUS time in the Everglades, revisiting our favorite places to see alligators, anhingas, egrets, and the elusive roseate spoonbill. We've canoed, kayaked, biked and hiked our way around Naples, Florida. We've discovered just  how expensive it is to stay in Florida over the winter months. We'll be exploring some other places and alternatives to the Naples area, but none can compare to what this area has to offer, at least not in the way of landscaping, an exceptionally beautiful city, activities, nature watching and birding in the Everglades!

Our last day here, we revisited Ten Thousand Islands preserve, hoping to see some roseate spoonbills..They are still not here yet. We revisited Collier Seminole State park, walked the boardwalk to the observation platform and saw ONE spoonbill flying in the distance, with it's gorgeous pink plumage too far away to get a photo. We got eaten alive by mosquitoes this morning, neglecting to spray ourselves down before heading out on the boardwalk. The boardwalk is nice because it has some self guided placards along the way that tell you what you are looking at. We saw a gumbo limbo tree, its nickname the "tourist tree" because of its red, peeling bark. They used to make carousel horses out of it's lightweight wood.

At dusk today, we headed out for a boat ride that we got on Groupon for 24.00 for TWO for a sunset dolphin cruise. We'll be posting photos tomorrow about that...We're just going to have a quiet New Year's evening at home after we get back from our boat trip...thinking about all the wonderful things we did and have seen this year.....

I found this blessing on the internet and wanted to share it with you. BOTH Eldy and I wish this for all our readers and hope that 2012 finds you healthy, happy, and living your dreams....Happy New Year!
With love, Eldy and Jeannie
                                                                 New Year Blessing


  1. happy New Year to you too ... may it be a great year.

  2. Happy New Year and thank you for sharing your travels with us!!

  3. Best wishes for your new year as well.

  4. Only the best of the New Year for you and Eldi

    It's about time

  5. Happy New Year to you! The spoonbills are one of my favorites, but I have only seen them in Costa Rica. I have a painting from Florida that has a spoonbill in it, though. does that count?

  6. Happy New Year and good luck exploring new campgrounds.

  7. Have a great 2012. We'll certainly enjoy your travel adventures here on the blog. Thanks for sharing.