Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Little About Nothing in Particular!

Bad weather came our way today...it's been sunny for so long, I forgot what a rainstorm sounds like! With a cold front and rain showers coming (Sherry, from RV Dreamlife, says "NO TALKING about cold fronts in Florida!" They are coming down soon)...but hey, I have to report it like it is, and why we didn't do much today!

After knitting up a frilly scarf this morning, then watching the clouds come rolling in, Sparky convinced Eldo to head out this afternoon to the Miromar Outlet Center between Fort Myers and Estero, about 30 minutes from here. ..Sparky had to check out the Carter store for bargains 'cuz she's gonna be a GRANDMA OFFICIALLY in June....Not telling if she found anything, the expectant daughter reads the blog....All we'll say about our experience this morning is, we are gluttons for punishment going to a huge outlet mall two days after Christmas! There were ZERO parking spaces to be found in the huge mall parking lot for quite awhile. But we were persistent and patient, and finally got ourselves a space AND we found some small things for each one of us. Business appeared to be booming in the outlet mall......Miromar is not as pretty as Waterside Shops that we visited yesterday, but it's a whole lot cheaper! Everybody must have been out spending their Christmas cash! Which is good for Florida's economy.....We did our little part to help support it today.....

We have just a few days left here in Naples...We're going to visit a few of our favorite places in the last couple of days before heading to Webster, FL for the month of January.... Eldy just reported the temps for tomorrow...high of 67, low of 47 tomorrow night! Chilly! That cold front came in after all.....The alligators probably won't be out tomorrow......But we'll see what we can find......Bye for now.....

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