Sunday, December 4, 2011

Getting in the Florida Christmas Spirit!

We hauled out all our Christmas decorations from under the bays...which is no easy feat! You gotta get out the ladders, the cleaning supplies, (don't forget to tell 'em the yarn tote boxes! says E.) to get to the Christmas decorations box which happens to be in the middle of the bay storage area. We do have one slide out tray, but the Christmas box isn't in the slide out tray, that's for all the stuff we use all the time. You would get a chuckle out of either one of us reaching into the far depths of the bay--if it's Sparky, she's got her butt and legs halfway sticking straight out the bay door, and half her body is inside the bay, stretching and reaching and yanking boxes out of the way to get to the decorating box! Kind of like those goofy leg things you see hanging out of a truck's tailgate.... Ever see one of those? I thought it looked very real the first time I saw one...I think I actually said, "Oh, my god! There's a smashed leg hanging out of that guy's tailbed!"

At any rate, we got out our four foot tree...wish we could put it on the dash, but our dashboard is too narrow. Wish we had one of those steering wheel tables that converts your steering wheel into a table, but those suckers cost 50.00! So we put it on our kitchen table. It looks really nice. I made a lot of knitted ornaments for it, and bought a few for sparkles. Even got a Coke can hanging on the tree for a memento!

Then, we worked on the outside palm trees...hung colored lights on one, and little white lights on the other....Got our rope lights underneath on the patio, and thank heaven, we're not paying for the electric!

Tomorrow we're going on an alligator hunt!......See you at Alligator Alley!


  1. Be careful where you put your feet in the water!

  2. Your tree is lovely. Is really 4 feet tall? That's a regular nearly normal sized tree. It would take up most of Winnona's "living room". LOL So far we haven't done Christmas on the road, we've always been doing Dr. dentist in December so we could do it at the farm. BUT probably not next year with the 29 degree temps here.

    LOVE that picture of you on the ladder with the Santa hat. You look so happy!

  3. Nice looking tree, bet everything will be looking real pretty at night with the lights. Happy Holidays to you both.

  4. Jeannie,
    Hi! We met at Nick's rally in Ohio in September, and we have the "twin" Phaeton to yours.
    I'm enjoying your blog, and counting the days until WE are fulltiming. Your Christmas tree is gorgeous!
    My husband built a WAAAAAYY cheaper version of the steering wheel table, and we will put our 3-ft. Xmas tree there someday. If you would like info and pics email me.
    Happy Holidays to you both!

  5. Beautiful decorating you have done!