Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Trip to Julian, CA

When you go to parks, sometimes the office gives you a sheet of ideas of things to do, places to go, and how far it is to them. Jojoba Hills Escapee Park does that....on the list was a trip to Julian, CA, about an hour's drive from the campground....the fact that there was a Dudley's Bakery in the town or nearby, caught my attention. (Dudley is my middle name and my mother's maiden name). Besides, it's a bakery! I do have a sweet tooth, so off we went.

Julian is a cute little town. The main street doesn't look like much from the outside, but step inside the store fronts and there are some amazing boutiques there. We didn't find the Dudley Bakery, (it was in another town a little ways away), but we did find some wonderful stores to browse in and shop...I stopped in a store called American Gardener on Main Street. Wonderful store! Things for the home and personal use, gardening stuff, soaps, a little bit of everything--it smelled delicious! Stopped in another store and it was like a general store...tons of stuff there and a big selection of Vera Bradley purses, a fabric purse designer with corporate headquarters in Fort Wayne, IN, my home state...just the place to buy a new one to replace my worn out old one! 
Eldy patiently waited for me to explore and then.....we discovered an old soda fountain store...I LOVE those old soda fountain counters and history behind them! Lots of fun in there...right next door is a small drug store with a "Candy Cave" walk downstairs into the cellar and bulk candy in buckets galore awaits you! How about some "psychedelic microbruisers" for $7.00 a pound? Whatever you could possibly want, they had it!
The name of the fountain drug store was "Miner's Diner". They had an old Big Boy (of the Big Boy Hamburger fame) in the window, and a soda fountain dating back to the early 1920's. We had a delicious shake there. The soda fountain was cool!

We'll see you on the road tomorrow.....on our way to stay in Bakersfield, CA in some orange groves!


  1. Julian sounds pretty fun. I love Big Boy, but the midwest version with the tarter sauce on the burger. Have fun!

  2. We loved Julian and visited there several times when we were boondocking in Borrego Springs.