Monday, April 18, 2011

Arizona Memories

Today's a travel day...not sure what kind of reception we will get in Aguanga on our air card, so I'm going to post a few of my favorite Arizona photos and memories earlier in the day.....

Seeing my oldest daughter, whom I hadn't see in almost a year was definitely a highlight of this trip!

Palm Creek--Sewing in the sewing room, meeting new friends, and getting my friend's tee shirt quilt done.....It was a lot of work, and I winged it from start to finish! No pattern or instructions--whew! (P.S. Got a craft blog going's called "Millie's Girls" It's in honor of my mother and will have contributions from my sister and I about what we are crafting--we'll report in once a week on it.)

More great memories...learning to play pickleball--great sport, great fun!
Driving the Apache Trail

Driving the Apache Trail.....hiking in Sabino Canyon...
Seeing the beautiful Tucson bridges and ramps...floral tile inlay work, native American motifs, and all kinds of color on the bridges and ramps....

Rally fun at the Gypsy Journal Western Rally in Yuma.....the "Cactus Queen" beauty contest....

Seeing all kinds of new trees, foliage, and learning what they are called... (thank you, readers!)
Arizona's state tree, the palo verde--even the bark is green!
The mission at San Xavier....
Hiking our longest hike... 5.9 miles in the mountains...
All the different colors of blooming cactus....amazing!
Arizona is so beautiful, and there's so much more to see...we're coming back in July....see you tomorrow in CA.


  1. Great recap of your visit to Arizona - lots of nice memories, I'm sure.

  2. Sabino Canyon is one of my favorite places. Glad you enjoyed our state.