Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Life's LITTLE Frustrations

WA-A-A-H-N-H! That's me whining because I didn't get my butt in gear fast enough this morning to get to the pickleball court for a round robin tourney. I was fussing around with a balky Epson NX480 printer, trying to get it to work. I was punching buttons too fast for it to process my requests and it crashed. Turned the sucker off, waited a bit, turned it back on and it still wouldn't work. Did this several times to no avail, finally unplugged it and walked away from it. Came back later and voila! It worked! But I missed the role call to get into the pickleball game this morning, darn it! Of course, I am STILL sore from doing both zumba and a pickleball game from yesterday, so part of me thinks I might have been subconsciously taking my sweet time to get there! (No, I wasn't! Yes, you were, No, I wasn't....) I'm still trying to figure out the verdict on that can't win an argument with yourself, that's for sure!

W-A-A-A-N-H!  That's me whining again as I farted around the  house, getting sidetracked from one little job to another, when Eldy was patiently waiting for me to get done so we could take a road trip to Phoenix today and the outskirts, to see Old Tucson, a movie studio/theme park...We finally got going about 1:30, only to find a serious road block on I-10. We were trapped! Going nowhere looked like about a three to four car accident and traffic was backed up for miles....after moving about 5 m.p.h, we decided we'd get to Tucson too late to be able to enjoy the place, so we turned around and went back home. Ah-h-h-h, life's little frustrations...We're lucky we have NOTHING to complain about...We're lucky we get to see things like this:
cactus in the park
Especially after seeing some friends last night....we found out that one of them has serious health issues, and it doesn't look very good for him. I can't imagine how tough that must be, knowing that you are heading down a one way road with no detours, no sunshine, just dark clouds hanging overhead.  We are so fortunate that we have our health and can travel.  And that's why we didn't wait, once we both retired, to get out and see this beautiful country, while we still can!
more cactus blooming in the park
Time for another scenic drive...heading for the Apache Trail tomorrow......

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