Sunday, April 3, 2011

Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming!

Boy, are we excited! Thanks for your emails and comments on our upcoming trip planning for Oregon. Keep those suggestions coming. I know there is a world of information about there and it really helps to have you guys guide us to the things we shouldn't miss in Oregon!

We really have been disappointed that we got here so late to Palm Creek. Since the first week of March, every time I go to sign up for a class or club, it's their last meeting and things are winding down so much, the classes are over. The park is emptying out fast. The last dance was held Saturday night, so very little is going on in the way of activities in the park from here on out except for pickleball. The park model owners are still here for the most part, but there will be another mass exodus in the next week or two, of motorhomes and fifth wheels as Canadians head home, and the snowbirds leave as well for different parts of the U.S. See all the cement pads? Those are empty lots..last week every single one of them held a motor home.

Another thing we didn't expect was temperatures to be twenty degrees above normal. This is very unusual for this area, and although we know it's going to creep back down to a more bearable seventies and eighties, we really committed to too much time in the desert. I'm having a hard time with the heat and the UV rays despite using sunscreen on a daily basis...(my mother would be proud of me...for the first forty years of my life I never used it, and for the last twenty, only occasionally, and now it's daily!) And both of us, not being used to the heat are getting a little cranky, overheated and feeling just yucky! I swear I might have summer seasonal affective disorder....there is such a thing, you know...(Is THAT what's wrong with you? asks E.) Yes, honey..the hormone thing is long over! So it's got to be the hot weather!  The good thing is, the humidity is about 6%-11% on hair dries in five minutes! So HOT, HOT is not so bad, but it's still too darn hot for me! Not for the cactus, boy, are they starting to show some beautiful color! It only gets better, I am told!

Any way, we are going to shorten up our stay at Casa Grande, and Palm Creek. How short? Eldy is still working the numbers to see how much trade off we might get by boondocking, staying at a winery, staying at a Thousand Trails park, etc. if we leave early. Stay tuned to see if we might be on the move sooner than we thought! Especially, as we hear about all the fantastic places in Oregon that are coming by way of our readers! Thank you so much for the wonderful ideas!

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