Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jojoba Hills Escapee Park

view on a walk in the park
Jojoba Hills (ho-ho-ba Hills) is a beautiful park.....one the most beautiful and spacious in the SKP (Escapee) park system. You have to have signed up for a membership in the Escapees..I think it's somewhere around 60.00 for an annual membership. This is a coop park--it's not owned by the Escapees per se, it's owned by the members who live here and the park is affiliated with the SKP's. Just about everything is done by volunteers to run the park and WOW! Do they do a wonderful job! Everything is clean and well maintained, the landscape crew is awesome as you can see by the plantings and flowers that surround the park. There are landscaped plantings well beyond the boundaries of the sites and the parks..there are water fountains throughout the park, and park benches in front of the water to sit and contemplate your surroundings as you look at the beautiful flowers and cactus they have planted.

As you come into the park, you've got a beautiful, cactus lined drive up a steep, 11% grade hill, the only very steep one, but we didn't have any trouble getting up it with the Tiffin...sites are terraced into the hillside. Elevation ranges change throughout the park, but the sites are level and have gravel and concrete patio pads. The sites are HUGE. Ours doesn't have many improvements on it, the owners haven't been here in quite awhile, so it looks kinda plain.....but the beauty is all around and the views towards the mountains more than make up for a plain site. We'll be here for a few days....see you in the park tomorrow......


  1. We stayed there awhile back and really loved the place. The area is magnificent! Enjoy your stay!

  2. Beautiful pictures of the flowers..