Friday, April 29, 2011

Bye-Bye Jojoba Hills

We decided we wanted to get moving by 10:00 this  morning and so, before we leave, I'll leave a few more photos of the park....the facilities were wonderful! The pool was one of the largest I have ever seen in an RV park, even beating out some of the fancier RV "resorts" we have stayed in....the landscaping was exceptional, the people were wonderfully friendly, even the long term residents...
The library with a HUGE selection of DVD's for .50 rental
Although I couldn't ride my bike in the park, the pool, the fitness room and the views more than made up for that! They also had a sewing room and a craft room but I didn't get a chance to use those...they were very nice.
our site
Although the parking site was 50' X 70' for the RV, the common area, the place where you would set up your chairs and grill, was HUGE...and you had this much space on both sides! Here's a view from the pavilion by the pool:

View through the pavilion by the pool

And here's one of several benches in the park by a waterfall or fountain....
We will definitely come back to this beautiful and spacious park....
You see these "bottlebrush" bushes everywhere--interesting!
Restaurant tip--we only ate out at was called The Yard, at Promenade Mall in Temecula, and it was wonderful!  Expensive, but we ate lunch there for very reasonable prices...they had some great specials..
Soup and a half a sandwich...yum!
Memories? Besides all the ones from the last couple of days, one more with a little bit of silliness...To my siblings: (we all used to be competitive swimmers) Don't faint, but I actually got out and swam some laps in the pool two days in a row! But here I am with my spa buddy, Shamu ( the little thermometer in the hot tub)....that thing just cracked me up every time I looked at it!

We really DID get to was an interesting drive, we'll tell you about it tomorrow.....

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