Sunday, April 3, 2011

All Call for Travel Advice

Putting in an extra blog today....would anybody have any recommendations for Oregon places to stay? We are in the process of planning a trip from Casa Grande AZ up to Oregon...we're thinking of leaving before the end of April...what places do you recommend? where to stay?

We do lots of research before we head to any area, but being totally unfamiliar with the area, it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack...what city to stop and see things? what direction should we go? what highway? We have a 40 ft. Tiffin, so we're going to be careful what roads we travel...people say highway 101 is the best....we are going to try and keep costs down, so boondocking is going to be more in our plans, Harvest Hosts are going to be in our plans....we'd like to avoid spending much time in California as we only have two and a half months to explore Oregon and then Washington...

We really could use some help in knowing where are the best places to visit in Oregon...I'm going back to some of the blogs we read for help, but thought some of you would have some good advice for right now...I remember from my elementary school days writing to Chambers of Commerce in different states for literature on the area. I remember poring over the colorful brochures and then writing my state report. It was a lot of fun, but short of going on the internet, it's better to hear from those of you who have been there, done that!

Thanks so much for any and all ideas!

Sparky and Eldo


  1. Here are our Oregon blogs:

  2. And, I'll through our Oregon posts into the pile:

    We spent a week at Port Orford RV Village in Port Orford. It's a great base to explore the southern coast and is owned and operated by two terrific people: Cindy and Tim. They'll take good care of you!

    It's not on the coast, but Crater Lake is a "don't miss", IMHO.

    Enjoy your time in this beautiful state!

  3. I can't tell you where to stay, But I spent 1 week-end traveling the Oregon coast and another traveling up the Columbia River Gorge. I can not wait to take my wife there. I was in Portland on business so she couldn't go. Both are a must see. I will follow your Blog faithfully. I am sure you will not regret the trip.

  4. Thanks for blog references and comments! Keep 'em coming folks! We really appreciate it!

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