Friday, April 29, 2011

How to Get from There to Here

Hunh?  How did we get from Aguanga to Bakersfield, CA? We took CA-79N to I-15N, then CA-91W, CA 71 N to CA 57N, to I-210 W to I-5 N to CA-99N, and then finally, CA-58 E...and exited at Edison Rd. Got that?  Here we are at the Orange Grove RV Park in Bakersfield, CA. We picked this destination because we are heading north to Coarsegold, CA in a couple of days, and this was about the most direct way on our way there. We are staying at this park for two days to give Eldy a chance to rest up from a difficult drive yesterday.

How difficult was it? Well, it was through the mountains, some BIG ones, so big they filled up the windshield as we were looking out at the highway. I couldn't tell you the names of the mountains, they were on all sides of us, and we just kept passing one after another. You know they are big and the grade difficult when you see run away truck lanes on BOTH sides of the highway, AND a radiator water supply station turn off for overheated vehicles. The diesel exhaust brake handled the mountains beautifully and not only did the engine maintain its cool, but Eldy did, too!  We made it to Bakersfield, CA. where there's a nice RV park, Orange Grove.
Orange Grove RV park is a nice park for an overnight destination...If you come a little earlier than April, you would be in time for the orange picking harvest. This park has been divided off of from an orange grove and made into an RV park. As you pull into the sites, orange trees are on both sides of you. They are now flowering and setting for the coming season. If the oranges are in season, the park provides an orange picker tool to get the oranges off the trees. How fun is that?! But we missed the main picking season by just a few weeks, darn it! I guess the oranges were ready earlier this year because the trees are totally picked over in the campground. They must be good tasting oranges! The cost of this park is 30.00 a night.

We have a nice site, enough room to put slides out, but the neighbors are closer than what we've been used to!
While we've been traveling, I have been trying to knit socks and can't quite seem to get the hang of it. I feel like a such a knitwit that I can't seem to figure it out on my own. But there's a nice knitting shop in downtown Bakersfield, so tomorrow I'm  headed over there to get some help!  See you later!

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