Thursday, April 7, 2011

Goldfield, AZ

If you want a spectacular day trip, or even just a half day trip, drive to Apache Junction and pick up the Apache Trail just outside the city, on highway 88...From Casas Grande on I-10, you take highway 60 East all the way to Apache Junction, to the cutoff for Arizona 88, which is the Apache Trail. In the old days, Apache Trail was a harrowing, white knuckle drive. 

Heck, in modern days, it's a harrowing, white knuckle drive, depending on how stupid the drivers are coming at you at the many single lane bridges and curves. We actually saw trucks pulling BOATS on the Apache Trail, and I wasn't quite sure we were going to be able to get over enough on the soft, crumbling tiny bit of shoulder on the road to let them get by! BUT----the scenery is spectacular, as I said...more about that later...Shortly after getting on the Apache Trail, I yelled, "STOP! We've got to STOP!" And Eldo, being the superb driver he is, asks no questions and quickly gets us safely off the road and into our first tourist attraction in a while, Goldfield....a reproduction of a ghost town. 

It was a lot of fun walking around and getting the "feel" of an old mining town. Showgirls, the marshal, the required "bad guys", a bordello, advertises itself as a "ghost town", but you'd have to read more about that and make up your own mind. It was such a beautiful day, we just enjoyed seeing an old western town, even if they were not the original buildings. As we were walking around, all of a sudden we heard gunshots! We weren't aware that gunfights are staged at "high noon" every day, so we caught the last little bit of that.....
We saw this pretty little church on the grounds...

Many of the people milling around were dressed in period clothing...

There's a lot more to see and do here, but today we  just gave it a quick look because we were on a mission, to see the Apache Trail!   See you tomorrow on Arizona's Apache Trail.....


  1. Jeannie, your stopover at Goldfield looked like such fun! Along with the great photos from around town, I also noticed the nice blue sky. Thanks for the great tour!


  2. It WAS fun! Stay tuned for a visit to Old Tucson studios coming up. Very similar experience but I was pulled into being a part of a show!