Friday, October 8, 2010

What's Happenin'?

Not much...we just found out today that although most of the repairs are now complete, we still need the protective covering on the front of the motor coach repaired. That protective covering is called Diamond Shield...ours came from the factory scuffed significantly, so we really need it replaced. It protects the finish on the front of the RV from nicks, scratches and small rocks that get kicked up from the's also applied around door handles, lights, and other areas at the front of the coach. With a Tiffin RV, this is a standard option, it used to be an extra. You can get this protection applied to any coach after you buy one if you want it. It's not cheap! The installer guy was supposed to come out yesterday, but he didn't. Then he was supposed to come out today, and he didn't. Sound familiar? It's like waiting for the electrician or plumber to come out to your home, but even they are usually more reliable than making you wait a couple of days! So we are going to NOT wait for him to show or not to show Saturday morning. We are going to schedule the Diamond Shield repair for while we are in Elkhart Saturday thru Tuesday or so....the company is based out of Elkhart, so it makes sense for us to contact them while we are there.....

the modern photo booth
Spent the morning doing laundry in Wayland, spent the afternoon at the Grand Rapids Woodland Mall AGAIN!  We're getting to be regulars! I should have had Eldy and I do the mall walk thing, but we don't want to do that in a mall, we'd rather be outside. It's a beautiful mall, it really is..Remember the photo booths from way back, in the 50's or 60's? This mall had one! If we hadn't been hurrying out the door to get back to see how the repairs were doing, I would have dragged Eldy into it to have our photos taken. This is one of those quickie photo shoot booths, walk in, close the curtain and snap, snap! Goofy, funny photos if you choose to ham it up or be serious. I didn't know these were still available.

Eldo and Eric, the Apple genius
The Barnes and Noble store really amazes me....there are so many people sitting in there, drinking coffee, reading magazines and books that they pull off the shelf, or they are using the free wi-fi on their computers. How the heck does the bookstore make any money? The coffee shop and deli there has wonderful food, and the atmosphere of the store is so inviting. It really wasn't difficult to spend hours in there and outside the store in the comfy and cozy sofas and chairs provided. More malls ought to think about the atmosphere in the centers of their malls. We really enjoyed ourselves at the Apple Store again, learning more...Eric, at the mall Apple Store did a wonderful job of tutoring us on the iphone and our own computers, patiently answering questions....I bet he spent an hour at no charge to us just walking us through some things, showing us shortcuts, and helping us get more computer savvy.  And we thought we already were...we have a l-o-n-g way to go....We had a great lunch at the Bar Louie tavern...they have carne asada tacos that are just amazingly delicious, Eldy has agreed to eat lunch there three days in a row just so I could have my carne asada (cooked beef) tacos...what a guy! We may be here in the parking lot of the General tonight, it's a late finish to the day today at the General on the RV, so we'll probably wait till morning to get going to Elkhart...See you later!

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