Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sertoma Butterfly House in Sioux Falls

It's Saturday...time to kick back and relax a little and see the sights. We've been busy the last two days, collecting paperwork and documents, getting plates for the RV,  trying to get a S. Dakota driver's license for Eldy, trying to get passports renewed JUST IN CASE we want to go to Canada sometime in the near future--(Vancouver, anyone?) but we've run into road blocks on just how specific the US government wants your paperwork to be. Birth certificates can't be copies, they have to be certified, and so we put that on the back burner for now. We'll have to order those from the county seat and wait for delivery.

It was another beautiful Saturday in Sioux Falls, low 60's, no rain in sight for the next few days. We went to the Sertoma Butterfly House at Sertoma Park in Sioux Falls. Admission price was around $11.00 for two seniors (60 and over) with a coupon from a tourist's brochure. Normal admission is 8.00 a person. The building is being remodeled and they are adding an aquarium. When you see the beautiful, colorful remodeling and construction they are doing, it's going to be an awesome asset to the city when they are done. There were over 350 different species of butterflies flying around today, the brochure says there can be up to 800 species sometimes!....they were gorgeous! If you've never been in a butterfly "house", you need to see one. It's very warm and humid in there, with lots of butterfly friendly plants, flowers and little's very peaceful and soothing. Now if they only had New Age music playing, that would be the perfect touch. You can sit on park benches in the butterfly room and watch them fly around everywhere, they land at your feet (you have to watch where you are stepping) or they land on you sometimes. They have feeding stations for the butterflies as well. There are so many beautiful ones flying, landing, and eating, you will just constantly click your camera to try and get the perfect butterfly shot!  I used a little Canon Powershot A1100 camera to take these photos today. Imagine what you could do with a better digital camera! We also visited the Sioux Falls today at Falls Park. We'll tell you about that tomorrow. Hope you enjoy the show!

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