Thursday, October 14, 2010


What else can you say when open the door to somebody's else's coach and not your own at night? How in the heck did that happen, you ask? When you can't find your way out of a mall with multiple exits, going out the same way you came in in broad daylight, it's possible. One time I walked out of a department store in downtown Chicago and walked 10 city blocks the wrong way from the train station into a scary, seedy slummy area before realizing I was lost. You need to understand that I have some type of learning difficulty when it comes to spatial orientation. I used to have to turn maps upside down if I was going south when I drove. I'm getting better but not much, apparently. It was pitch black out, no lighting in the park to speak of. We were located right across from the bathhouse. I was on my way out of the bath house, having gone to check the conditions of the showers and toilets. Problem was, I got turned around in my orientation (as always) when I came out, and I headed straight for the RV coach on the OTHER side of the showerhouse doorway. I opened the door, stepped up two steps and heard, "WHOA! WHAT THE HELL!!?-----" and I said, "OOPS! I'm so sorry! Wrong coach!" and skedaddled out of there as fast as I could. I heard the door lock immediately after as I hurriedly went down the lane looking for our coach. I was so rattled I didn't see ours right away, but I finally found it. I used to think Eldy was being a little paranoid in locking the doors early in the evening, but I certainly can see why that's a good idea now! You never know when some strange lady is going to come barging in through your front door, acting like she lives there!

We are more than halfway to S. Dakota. We had a relatively quiet night after my little "oops!" at the Kellogg RV park in Kellogg, IA. It's situated right next to I-80 West. Lots of highway traffic but NOTHING as loud as freight trains blowing their horns all night long, as they did back at the Elkhart Fairgrounds.

wind turbines along I-80 
Passing through Iowa today surprised us in a couple of different ways...first, Iowa is NOT as flat as you think it might be, at least not in the central's actually filled with gently rolling plains along I-80. Where our old Damon Challenger's engine would have been loudly complaining about the slightest changes in elevation, the diesel is so quiet and effortless with the changes, it's much more of a pleasure to drive. We're looking forward to driving it in the mountains! Uh, ELDY is looking forward to driving it in the mountains. The other thing that surprised us was the number of wind turbines along a stretch of I-80, it seemed as if there were over 100 of them in the fields and along the highway...and wouldn't you know, it was a very windy stretch of the interstate west of Des Moines. We are staying at Tower Campground in Sioux Falls. Nice sites, great price (25.00 a night) and the owners are working hard to upgrade the facilities. BUT, wouldn't you know, we are in the direct path of jets landing and taking off from the Sioux Falls Regional Airport, there's a train track nearby, and cars are rushing along I-29.  Here we go again, planes, trains, and automobiles, we've got all three!

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