Thursday, October 7, 2010

Waiting, waiting, waiting......

Somehow we managed to kill a whole day while waiting for repairs at at the General today. What did we do? Went to the Apple store at the Grand Rapids Woodland Mall, played with ipads and updated my computer's software, went to the AT&T store to find out some information about Eldy's phone, and then went back to the Apple Store to take a workshop for my iPhone. That was a spur-of-the-moment decision but they had room at the workshop for me. I learned some new tricks for the iPhone, like how to group apps together into folders. If you have several pages of apps on your iPhone and want to condense into fewer pages, here's how you do it: hold down one app till it wiggles, then drag it on top of another related app and let go. They are now together in a folder. A white box pops up with a default name. If you want to change the folder name, tap next to the name, and start typing in the white menu bar. Cool!

Something else I learned in the workshop --this was about google maps---did you know that when you flip the page turn icon in the lower right corner and pick traffic pattern, if the traffic flow is available, there are colored bars that show on your route? --red means congested, yellow means moderately congested and green means good traffic flow. I didn't know that! The Apple Store offers all kinds of free workshops for their products, and classes are in very small groups of 6 or less. The only bad thing is they are conducted out on the floor of a usually very busy store! Their workers are so knowledgeable and so young! All the "kids" there were young enough to be my nieces or nephews! And they know so much! They really enjoy their jobs, you can really's fun to be around them and learn all the things you don't know and should about your phone, or your computer....

Late today I decided to ride my bike around General RV after the store closed. (We are parked in their lot for another free night.) Tomorrow the coach gets some spots painted after being primed today. I discovered a protected wetlands just down the street from the General. I saw four sandhill cranes fly in for a landing in the marsh in the middle of town--Wayland, MI. at dusk.  Nice! You never know what you are going to see when your day is open for whatever comes your more day at Grand Rids, MI, then we head for Elkhart, IN. We'll pick up mail, see Eldy's grandkids, then start heading plans T.B.A. (to be announced)

The Pig
P.S. Photos today are left over from Grand Rapids Art Prize show....the pig was in the center of downtown at a plaza. What inspired the artist to create this work of art remains to be explored on the Art Prize website, because I have no idea! The flower mobile was constructed of fake acrylic nails!...many of the artworks hung inside the complex called the B.O.B. in downtown Grand Rapids about a block and half from the DeVoss Center.
Mobile made from fake fingernail tips!

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