Saturday, October 23, 2010

Forgot to mention....

I mention this just in case our voltage problem (we're still having one) might happen to someone else. We spent the entire day Friday in Rapid City, S.D. at Eddie's Freightliner Service Center for the second time due to a low voltage problem message that comes up when Eldy is driving. It says "low threshold" then gives a voltage between 12.0 and 13.0 that is below normal for what it should be. The gauge reads below the half mark line, not a lot below, but enough that an exclamation warning "DING" comes on. A LOT in a short period of time, then it quits sounding the warning. For the second time, we have taken the RV in, and by the time we get it to the Freightliner Service Center and hooked up, they run computer diagnostics, and everything is fine! I have to say the Eddie's Truck Center/ Freightliner people were wonderful. They are mystified at the moment what the problem might be...the alternator doesn't show any signs on their diagnostics as having a problem, so we were sent off yesterday with the caveat--"if it happens again, turn around, come right back in, and don't shut the motor off!" Sure thing, guys...but we've decided to "head out of Dodge" i.e., Rapid City.

We decided to stay Friday thru Sunday outside of Spearfish, a really cool's like a little oasis in the middle of prairie grasslands, but now there are more hills and the Black Hills are in the background. We found a relatively new RV resort between Deadwood and Spearfish called the Elkhorn Ridge RV resort. After being smooshed between two RVs at the No Name Campground for the last couple of nights (about three feet in distance between our living room slide and the neighbors'), we were ready to have a little more space between us and our neighbors. We've got the space here, that's for sure! Elkhorn Ridge is open all year round which is terrific news for travelers with all the campgrounds closing right and left around us. Rates are reasonable, just under 30.00 a night with a Good Sam's discount.  Elkhorn Ridge is part of a community development occuring all around the RV campgrounds--9 hole golf course just opening this summer, new housing coming in, it's really going to be a fabulous area in just a few years. The area looks very economically healthy, especially in the town of Spearfish. It's a fisherman and hunter's paradise....Since it was such a dreary day and rain clouds hung over us all day, we visited a really cool fish hatchery in Spearfish. The rainbow trout were HUGE!  On Sunday, we plan on exploring the George Mickelson Bike Trail, a 109 mile trail that follows the Deadwood to Edgemont Burlington Northern rail line.  More than 100 converted railroad bridges and four hardrock tunnels are along the trail. Can't wait to ride it!
Our site
36 small and large cabins w/sculptures
Today's photos are of the Elkhorn Ridge Campground--cool statues, nice small and large cabins for those who don't have a camper or RV, concrete pads for RV sites, beautiful pool (now closed), 2 hot tubs, lighted tennis court and a very nice lighted basketball court, gazebos near the pool, horseshoes, big campstore/lodge with a liquor store inside with local wineries' offerings, showers each have their own bathroom inside the enclosed shower room, and nice laundry facilities. The Black Hills are in the distance, it's very beautiful here.
Campground sunset
P.S. We have a little hitchhiker on board....a little mouse or chipmunk. Eldy saw a fast shadow cross the floor early this morning---twice! Off to the store to buy mousetraps!

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