Friday, October 1, 2010

Noises, Locked Out and Other Tidbits

We were sitting in the RV last night while it was raining buckets. I heard some kind of persistent sounded like it was coming from the side of the RV. Being the resident and perpetual worrier, I said to Eldy, "Do you hear that?" He did, and we looked at each other, like, ok, now what is going wrong? We have a toilet leaking, we have lights in the bathroom that stay on, and sometimes they don't, so we are hypervigilant about noises, sounds, and vibrations to add to the list of repairs for next Wed. at the General. I went to the bedroom, it sounded louder. It was in the general location of the generator. Just when I thought I'd better get rain gear on and go outside to check it out, Eldy beat me to it. I didn't see him don his rain gear and go out. In the meantime, I went to the back and looked out the window. Here comes a noisy small boat with a persistent whine. I yelled back to Eldy, "Hey, hon, it's just a b--" and in he comes soaking wet with a disgusted look on his face...."a boat." Uh, sorry, hon..I was going to tell you but you were already out the door!

the infamous bedroom window
OK, this morning, we are packing up to get ready to leave Munising. Both of us headed out the front door, shutting it firmly behind us to keep the drizzle out. We start putting things away, and Eldy goes to open the door and it's LOCKED! How the heck did that happen? Neither one of us had motor home keys or the car keys on us, and it's starting to rain a little harder! Eldy did have his cell phone---whew! Guess we were going to call CoachNet, an RV service that provides many things--locksmith for one...wait a minute...maybe we can get in through one of the windows....there's a back exit window, but it's SMALL! But it's unlocked! OK, move the picnic table under the window...put two logs on top of the picnic table for a little step to get me closer to the window opening. Step up on the two logs....slide the screen open, push out the window, heave me up to the window by giving me a butt boost while I try to do a pushup into the window ledge. ..I'm halfway in, I'm halfway out, legs and butt hanging out the open window on the outside, Eldy's trying to hold the window open so it won't slam on me...I'm laughing so hard all Eldy can see is my butt a-jigglin' and a shakin'! I can't stop laughing because I have this vision in my head of what it must look like to anybody passing by. Like one of those Halloween stuffed figures that are halfway in a haystack and halfway out, or something like that! Anyway, I get enough presence of mind to realize if I don't stop laughing, I can't get the rest of the way into the bedroom. I grab the inside of the bedroom chest of drawers ledge and haul myself in, muddy feet all over everything. I get the front door open and everything is back to normal! OK, lessons learned...#1. Jeannie's butt is small enough to get through the bedroom window...#2. keep a spare key somewhere safe from here on out...#3. The door lock position all the way to the RIGHT means you just electronically locked the door on your way out, and #4. We're idiots, we could have much more easily gotten in through the LIVING ROOM window, which is also an exit window, and MUCH BIGGER! We panicked at the time and saw the bedroom window as the only way in. The living room window exit didn't occur to us until driving down the road today to our next destination! I happened to look back and saw the big RED exit smack in the middle of the window. "Uh, Eldy, did you know that there's another exit window in here?"  As a consolation, Eldy says, "But your butt made it through that window, no problem!" For the record, the window measures 28" wide and 19" tall...till later!  

We finished out the day in Petoskey with no further mishaps... We are at the Mangus City Park Campground, right on the shores of Lake Michigan...24.00 a night, full hookup..well under budget, AND a fantastic bike trail that goes from Petoskey to Charlevoix, MI...many many miles of paved trail--awesome!  Till later...

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  1. That is so funny.. Did anyone actually drive by while you were crawling through the window? What a hoot.. Great post.. Stay safe.