Monday, October 18, 2010

Sculpture Walk and Disc Golf?

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Sunday morning we went downtown to check out some artwork similar to the Art Prize in Grand Rapids but on a smaller scale. It was interesting. Downtown Sioux Falls has a LOT of cool boutiques and neat restaurants, but we mainly checked out the artwork (see slideshow), then headed to a major grocery store called Hy-Vee. Wow! Several restaurants inside, an amazing wine store inside the store as well, huge selection of items and just amazing selections of foods. Quite impressive and we highly recommend a trip to check it out, but it was pricier than other grocery chains. The best part was all the samples being demonstrated, we could have had a complete lunch there had we wanted to!

your target
Later this afternoon, I dragged Eldy to a disc golf course. Some people call it frisbee golf. The object is to throw the frisbee disc at a chain link basket X number of feet away from you in a certain amount of throws. Disc golf is played with frisbee type discs but they are made especially for throwing long distances. There are many different kinds of driver discs, putting discs and discs for throwing left hooks or right slices. Putter discs are heavier so they drop to the ground sooner. Being the trooper that he is, Eldy is willing to try something more than once. The last time we played disc golf, it was on the side on a mountain, major downhill descent all the way, and that was not all that fun! This 18 hole disc golf course was at beautiful Tuthill Park in Sioux Falls. There were some hills, not too many trees to shoot your disc through, and it was great walking exercise. Some people carry 6 or 7 discs in a bag, but we each had just two--a driver disc and a putter disc. You play the game similarly like golf--par is a certain number of shots to throw the disc into a chain basket which traps the disc. The most difficult hole on this course was the 18th hole. From the 17th to the 18th you had to walk through a narrow trail in the woods to get to it, and the 18th was the most difficult one of all. A great way to finish the course!
the 18th hole--see the basket?

Eldy would much rather play 18 holes of regular golf, but I've been playing disc golf for several years, and he knows how much I enjoy it. It's not every day you find a disc golf course in the town you are visiting, so I just HAD to try it out! I really REALLY enjoy it...Eldy, well, let's just say he does it because I enjoy it. (He did look like he was enjoying himself, though!) Great exercise--walking up and down hills and throwing the discs! Love it!

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