Saturday, October 23, 2010

In the Round

Home of the Termesphere Gallery and artist's residence
Inside the gallery, slowly turning spheres everywhere!
Today was a cloudy, drab and dreary Saturday. I decided to go check out an art gallery in Spearfish, S.D. while Eldy watched the Notre Dame game. The gallery is called the Termesphere Gallery and it's the home of the artist Dick Termes. He lives in a multi-geodesic home/art studio with his family in Spearfish, just off I-90. Dick is an internationally acclaimed artist, and after visiting his studio, and listening to him explain his work, you can see why. Upon entering the studio, all I could say was, "WOW! This is amazing!!!" The lights, the colors, it was like walking into a different, illuminated, magical universe. What a contrast to the gray and dreary day! I was viewing about 30 globes of different shapes and sizes, spinning slowly, hanging from  the ceiling. They were bright, colorful, thought provoking and GORGEOUS! He paints on polyurethane spheres (balls) with acrylics.  Each globe is a complete world painted in all directions that you can visualize--north, south, east, west, and up and down. It's kind of like an inside out view of the world painted on the outside of the ball using a 6 point perspective. It's kind of hard to'll have to go visit his website: Termespheres to see what I am talking about. He also has YouTube videos that you can watch as he explains the theme of each of his work. Very awesome and very cool!

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